The Fixx – “Saved by Zero (Extended Version)” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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The Fixx’s song “Saved by Zero (Extended Version)” is seemingly about pursuing self-improvement and realization. The repetitive mentioning of being “saved by zero” likely represents a state of nothingness or emptiness as a form of salvation, perhaps suggesting that stripping away excess, distractions, and superficialities can lead to a more authentic and enlightened self. The song seems to talk about a journey of letting go, conquering one’s space, and the hope to win, presumably at life or personal battles. It’s a piece about reflection and striving for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

Dive into the profound layers of The Fixx’s “Saved by Zero” as we explore this iconic song’s creation!

“Saved by Zero” Lyrics Meaning

The line, “Maybe someday, saved by zero, I’ll be more together,” signifies a hope for unity and self-realization through the concept of zero, implying a journey toward wholeness and coherence by reaching a state of emptiness or nullity. It introduces a contemplative tone, signaling a struggle for self-improvement and enlightenment.

“Stretched by fewer thoughts that leave me. Chasing after my dreams; disown me, loaded with danger,” reveals a sense of being overwhelmed by thoughts and dreams that seem elusive and potentially hazardous. It reflects a paradoxical relationship with one’s aspirations and thoughts, where pursuit feels both compelling and perilous.

The recurrent phrase, “So maybe I’ll win. (Saved by zero.)” resonates as a mantra of hope and perseverance. Winning here could signify overcoming personal obstacles and attaining a higher state of being. The repetition of being “Saved by zero” emphasizes the importance of this nothingness as a path to victory.

The expression, “Holding onto words that teach me. I will conquer space around me,” portrays a learning journey, implying a desire to understand and master one’s environment. It denotes a continuous process of learning and conquering, symbolizing the ongoing quest for knowledge and control in one’s life.

By exploring themes of self-realization, enlightenment, and the constant strive for improvement, this song instigates a deep reflection on existence, aspirations, and the essence of being. The emphasis on being “saved by zero” insinuates transformative salvation through emptiness, a profound concept that encourages listeners to ponder the intricate dynamics between existence and nonexistence.

The Story Behind “Saved by Zero”

The creation of “Saved by Zero (Extended Version)” likely came from a place of introspection and philosophical exploration for The Fixx. The band, known for their new wave sound and thought-provoking lyrics, often delves into themes of the human condition and existential musings. This song, in particular, seems to embody a deep contemplation on the nature of being and the journey toward self-enlightenment.

Using “zero” as a symbol of salvation is powerful and illuminating, representing a state devoid of excess and superficiality. This concept is not unfamiliar in philosophical and spiritual contexts, often symbolizing a form of enlightenment achieved through emptiness and the shedding of unnecessary burdens. The state of being “Saved by zero” can be seen as attaining a form of purity and authenticity, unencumbered by the distractions and illusions of the material world.

The band’s approach to this song suggests a deep fascination with existential themes and a desire to communicate profound truths about human existence and self-discovery. The interplay between philosophical reflections and poetic expressions within the song makes it a timeless piece, resonating with listeners who seek to understand the deeper aspects of life and the self.

“Saved by Zero (Extended Version)” stands as a testament to The Fixx’s ability to intertwine musicality with philosophical depth, offering a musical journey that is as reflective as it is melodious, prompting listeners to explore the intricate relationship between emptiness and salvation, between being and non-being.