The Oh Hellos – “Hello My Old Heart” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Hello My Old Heart” by The Oh Hellos is a touching portrayal of self-reflection and vulnerability. This song centers around the idea of rekindling a connection with one’s own heart after being guarded for a long time. It’s an ode to self-awareness, a plea to let oneself feel emotions fully, even if they come with the risk of pain. The songwriter invites listeners to re-examine their own emotional walls and perhaps find the strength to tear them down. In essence, it’s about rediscovering oneself, embracing vulnerability, and opening up to love and connection.

Heart on lockdown? Time to knock on its door. Dive into a lyrical journey of reconnection with The Oh Hellos.

“Hello My Old Heart” Lyrics Meaning

“Hello, my old heart, How have you been?” The opening lines of the song introduce us to a deeply personal conversation. It’s as if the singer is reconnecting with a long-lost friend, except that friend is their own heart. This speaks volumes about the distance one can feel from their emotions, especially after traumatic experiences or heartbreaks.

The lines, “I’ve been so worried, you’ve been so still, Barely beating at all,” indicate a numbness, a self-imposed emotional hibernation, likely from fear of getting hurt again. It’s an acknowledgment of how one can suppress their feelings to the point of emotional stagnation.

But with the chorus, there’s a shift. “Oh, don’t leave me here alone, I wanna find a home, And I wanna share it with you,” signals the longing for companionship and connection. It’s the soul’s yearning not just to exist, but to live fully, embracing both joys and sorrows.

“Every day, I add another stone, To the walls I built around you, To keep you safe,” brings forth the visualization of a heart encased in a fortress. Every heartbreak, disappointment, and pain is another brick in the wall. But is safety worth the isolation?

“Hello, my old heart, How have you been? How is it being locked away?” These lines show a growing self-awareness. Recognizing the walls is the first step to breaking them down.

The song concludes with a realization: “Nothing lasts forever, Some things aren’t meant to be, But you’ll never find the answers, Until you set your old heart free.” It’s a beautiful message of acceptance and an invitation to let go of fears, to embrace the present, and to allow oneself to feel again.

The Story Behind “Hello My Old Heart”

The Oh Hellos, composed of siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath, have a knack for churning out songs that resonate deeply with listeners. The duo’s music often delves into personal experiences, making their lyrics relatable and authentic.

“Hello My Old Heart” reflects a moment of profound introspection, which is a recurring theme in their work. At the time of writing this song, it’s conceivable that the artists were going through a phase of emotional rediscovery or had witnessed someone close to them go through it. The lyrics, full of raw emotion and self-reflection, hint at the struggles that come with building emotional walls over time.

This song serves as a gentle reminder that while building barriers can provide a temporary sense of safety, it can also lead to deep-seated loneliness. The hopefulness intertwined within the lyrics shows a desire to rekindle a connection with oneself and the world around.

“Hello My Old Heart” stands out as an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt disconnected from their emotions. It’s a call to tear down walls, embrace vulnerabilities, and most importantly, to love oneself again.