The Warning – “DISCIPLE” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

“The Warning” paints a vivid picture of our current society’s struggle with technology and the digital age. It voices the frustrations of feeling trapped in this virtual world and emphasizes the dangers of blind allegiance to a flawed system. The song’s title “DISCIPLE” hints at the blind followers of the modern digital age. Its repeated references to the sun as an enemy symbolize the detachment from nature and reality. The songwriter is critical of those who refuse to see these dangers (“nonbelievers”) and calls for a revolution against the oppressive system (“Kill the system, Kill the man”). The song, while somber, is an invitation to awaken and challenge the norms.

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“DISCIPLE” Lyrics Meaning

Beginning with the lines “The sun is your enemy today,” the song immediately highlights a conflict with nature. It’s a powerful metaphor illustrating modern society’s increasing detachment from the natural world. When coupled with “Have you heard the news that the world isn’t ending? It’s starting again,” it hints at the rebirth or reinvention of our world in this digital age.

The reference to “nonbelievers” who “keep on pretending” can be seen as those ignorant of the problems technology and the digital age pose, or even those actively denying these issues. This idea is strengthened by the lyrics “You love to look away from the face of your vices, Embrace them instead,” suggesting society’s denial or even acceptance of these ‘vices’.

“Oh, Disciple in the making” is a stark reminder of how individuals are becoming followers, disciples of this new age. They’re indoctrinated into a world where screens dominate, as reinforced by “Your eyes will bleed as you stare at the screen.” This is not just a physical strain, but a mental one, hinting at information overload, social media toxicity, and the inability to disconnect.

The chorus’s strong words, “Kill the system, Kill the man, Strip the power from their hands,” are calls for revolution. They emphasize the need to dismantle the current system that perpetuates our obsession and dependence on technology.

“Swimming with the fishes ’til they drown” is a poignant image. Like fishes out of water, people are struggling in an environment that should be natural to them. Additionally, “Love is just another excuse we rely on, Palpable but hidden in the sound” implies that genuine human connections are becoming scarce, hidden behind digital interactions.

Towards the end, there’s a shift in perspective with “The sun is my enemy today,” suggesting that even the critic, the observer, is not immune to the allure and dangers of the digital age.

The Story Behind “DISCIPLE”

The Warning’s “DISCIPLE” was written at a time when the world was becoming increasingly digital. With advancements in technology, social media platforms becoming more prominent, and people living their lives through screens, it was a pertinent time to address the pitfalls of this new age.

The songwriter, like many of us, had experienced firsthand the adverse effects of a life dominated by screens: feelings of isolation, detachment from reality, and the mental strain of being constantly connected. Their concern was not just personal but extended to society at large. They observed how people, especially the younger generation, were blindly following this digital trend, becoming ‘disciples’ to the new digital gods.

The sun’s portrayal as an enemy was inspired by moments when the songwriter realized they hadn’t seen daylight for days, having been engrossed in their virtual world. This song is not just a critique but a call to action. It’s an invitation for listeners to recognize the dangers, challenge the system, and find a balance in an increasingly imbalanced world.

In essence, “DISCIPLE” is a reflection of a modern dilemma, a soundtrack for those feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced, screen-centric world. Through this song, The Warning reminds us of the importance of staying grounded, questioning norms, and seeking genuine connections beyond our screens.