The Weeknd – “Angel” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Let’s talk about The Weeknd’s song “Angel.” This track is a complex ballad, mixing themes of longing, self-doubt, and the search for true love. The Weeknd finds himself captivated by an “angel” a seemingly perfect being. Yet, he also acknowledges his own flaws, questioning whether they’re really “meant for this.”

The song’s deeper layer seems to focus on the transient nature of relationships and love. The lyrics resonate with anyone who’s felt unworthy of someone special. While The Weeknd yearns for a lasting connection, he’s prepared for the reality that it might not work out—and wishes the “angel” finds someone else to love if that’s the case.

Eager to unpack the poetic depth of “Angel”? Stick around. You won’t be disappointed!

“Angel” Lyrics Meaning

Right from the beginning, The Weeknd sets the stage. He tells us about the moment he saw this “angel” and felt an immediate connection. “Knew you were special from the moment I saw you”, he sings. Here’s a man utterly bewitched, seeing nothing but “wings” when he looks at his love interest.

But here’s the catch. “But I know what I am and the life I live”, he adds. The Weeknd’s no saint, and he’s aware of it. It’s like he’s torn between two worlds. On one side, there’s this angelic figure. On the other, his own self-doubts and perhaps a life that’s far from pristine.

The line, “And even though I sin, maybe we are born to live” encapsulates his internal battle. He’s saying: hey, we’re all flawed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve love. Right?

But as we move forward, the uncertainty grows. “I hope you find somebody” he repeats, almost like a mantra. It’s both a selfless wish for the angel’s happiness and a sad acknowledgment of his own emotional barricades. “I’m so desensitized to feeling these emotions,” reveals his struggle with emotional availability.

Towards the end, he admits to living “inside a dangerously empty life” yet points out that the angel “always seem to bring me light”. This duality makes the song incredibly relatable. Haven’t we all felt undeserving yet hopeful in love at some point?

The Story Behind “Angel”

When The Weeknd wrote this song, he was in a phase of deep self-reflection. Known for his melancholic and often dark themes, this song is no exception. The duality in the lyrics reflects his own duality at that time: a successful artist yet grappling with personal complexities.

By all accounts, the singer-songwriter was dealing with themes of love, vulnerability, and self-worth. He chose to lay it bare in “Angel,” maybe as a form of catharsis. The song acts like a confessional booth, where he pours out his hopes and fears, sparing no detail.

“Angel” came out as a part of his second studio album, “Beauty Behind the Madness”, a record that was pivotal for his career and featured a mix of R&B, soul, and pop. The album was a deep dive into the contradictions that make up The Weeknd, both as an artist and a person.

When you listen to “Angel” you’re listening to an artist wrestling with the complexities of love and life, hoping that even if he can’t keep his angel, she will find someone worthy of her light.