Two Door Cinema Club – “This Is the Life” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“This Is the Life” by Two Door Cinema Club is all about embracing the present and finding contentment in the simplicity of life. The song’s upbeat tempo might suggest a happy-go-lucky vibe, but it also has a deeper message. It encourages listeners to accept life as it is, without over-complicating things. Why argue with what feels right?

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“This Is the Life” Lyrics Meaning

Starting off with the lyrics, “Feel something right, And feel something good,” the song already sets the tone. It’s about intuition, feelings, and taking a moment to appreciate the positivity around you. Life isn’t always perfect, but when something feels right, it’s worth celebrating. The repetition of the line, “Because if this is the life,” followed by, “Then who’d argue?” challenges listeners to question their own happiness. If this moment, this situation, or this feeling is what life’s all about, why waste time overthinking or disputing it?

Jumping to “One year, five days, And we’re starting new,” it hints at the passage of time and the fresh starts we’re granted. Every day is an opportunity to reset. Instead of holding onto the past or waiting for the future, the song nudges us towards cherishing the ‘now’. The line, “Try to make a change, It’s one more thing to do,” is a gentle reminder. Life constantly demands adjustments, but these changes aren’t burdens. They’re just another part of the journey.

By the end, the repeated chorus becomes like a mantra. It’s a call to accept life as it unfolds, with all its ups and downs. In the grand scheme of things, if we can find moments that feel right and good, isn’t that what it’s all about?

The Story Behind “This Is the Life”

Two Door Cinema Club, a band hailing from Northern Ireland, burst onto the indie rock scene in the late 2000s with their debut album, “Tourist History.” Their music often resonates with themes of youth, discovery, and navigating the challenges of life. “This Is the Life” is no exception, and the story behind this catchy track is both intriguing and relatable.

Around the time of writing this song, the band members – Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, and Sam Halliday – were experiencing a whirlwind of changes. From being young lads jamming in a garage to playing at massive festivals and shows, their life underwent a seismic shift. This transition, while exhilarating, also came with its own set of pressures and expectations. The constant tours, interviews, and the spotlight could be as taxing as they were rewarding.

“This Is the Life” emerged from this vortex of emotions. The song reflects a moment of clarity amid chaos, a pause where the band took a step back to appreciate the journey. It’s a tribute to those fleeting moments when, despite the turbulence, things feel just right.

It also touches upon the idea of renewal. No matter how long they had been on the road or how drained they felt, there was always an opportunity to start afresh. The “One year, five days” lyric might hint at specific events or milestones, but it underscores the broader theme of rebirth.

In essence, while “This Is the Life” is cloaked in upbeat rhythms, it is also a profound reflection of the band’s state of mind during a transformative period in their careers.