Tyler, The Creator – “BEST INTEREST” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“BEST INTEREST” is a raw and honest exploration of unorthodox relationships. The song dives into the complexities of being a “third wheeler” or a “side piece” in a love triangle. Tyler portrays himself as someone who is willing to compromise his position and feelings for the sake of the other person’s happiness, hence the repeated line, “I’ll keep your best interest.” The song is about a forbidden, hidden relationship where Tyler acknowledges his role as a homewrecker but also shows a sense of care and respect for his partner’s situation. It’s a candid reflection on the messy, often painful realities of love and relationships that don’t fit into societal norms. Tyler wrote this song to express the internal conflict and emotional turmoil that comes with such a complicated relationship dynamic.

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of someone who’s “the other person” in a relationship? “BEST INTEREST” offers a peek into this world. It’s a mix of raw emotion and unconventional love. Keep reading to explore the depths of Tyler, The Creator’s lyrical genius.

“BEST INTEREST” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with a soothing reassurance, “It’s no need to worry,” setting a tone of conflicted comfort. Here, Tyler is trying to calm not just the person he’s involved with but also himself, amidst the chaos of their hidden relationship.

The phrase “I’m a third wheeler, I’m a side-better, I’m a homewrecker” hits hard. It’s a blunt admission of his role in this love triangle. Yet, this acknowledgment is layered with a sense of resignation and acceptance of his position. The repetition of “I’ll keep your best interest” is poignant. It shows Tyler’s commitment to prioritizing his partner’s happiness over his own, despite the pain it causes him.

The lyrics “I was out here playing games, You was out here with a lame one” suggest a recognition of their flawed situation. Tyler sees the irony in their affair – while he’s sneaking around, the official partner is unaware and possibly inadequate for his lover.

The line “I gotta sneak around and hide with you” paints a vivid picture of the secrecy and urgency of their meetings. It’s a mix of thrill and frustration, encapsulated in the simple request, “give me five minutes.” This line, combined with the reference to paparazzi, underscores the high stakes and public scrutiny Tyler faces.

The basketball and see-saw metaphors are particularly clever. They symbolize the ups and downs, the back and forth of this hidden relationship. It’s a game where the rules are unclear, and the players are unsure of their footing.

“I know my place, I’m the landlord” is a complex metaphor. While he controls the situation (“landlord”), he’s also burdened by it (“carry the weight”). It’s a confession of the responsibility he feels, not just for the affair but for maintaining the delicate balance it requires.

The Story Behind “BEST INTEREST”

“Best Interest” isn’t just a song; it’s a window into Tyler, The Creator’s soul. Written during a period of introspection, it reflects his journey through complex emotions and unconventional relationships. Tyler, known for his unfiltered expression and bold artistic choices, delves into the depths of a taboo topic – being the other man in a relationship.

The song emerged from Tyler’s experiences and observations. His state of mind at the time was one of conflict and reflection. He was grappling with feelings of love, desire, and guilt, all tangled in a relationship that society typically frowns upon.

Tyler’s candidness in “BEST INTEREST” is a testament to his artistic bravery. He doesn’t shy away from love and relationships’ messy, uncomfortable aspects. Instead, he embraces them, turning his personal struggles into a universal narrative about the complexities of human emotions and connections.

In crafting this song, Tyler was not just creating music; he painted a picture of his emotional landscape. It’s a landscape marked by sharp contrasts – the thrill of forbidden love against the backdrop of societal norms, the joy of connection shadowed by the burden of secrecy. Through “BEST INTEREST,” Tyler invites listeners into this world, offering a raw, unvarnished look at the heart and soul of a man navigating the turbulent waters of love and desire.