Vwillz – “Freshman Year” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Vwillz’s “Freshman Year” is a glimpse into the college life and experiences of a young woman navigating her newfound freedom, academic responsibilities, and social engagements. The song paints a picture of the youthful invincibility, exploration, and the ups and downs that accompany this transformative phase of life. It reflects a freshman’s carefree, experimental, and liberated spirit, relishing her time, making new friends, and indulging in parties while maintaining a facade of perfection to impress her parents.

Eager to explore the layered narratives and profound meanings entwined within “Freshman Year” by Vwillz?

“Freshman Year” Lyrics Meaning

“Freshman Year” by Vwillz narrates the story of a college freshman, presumably experiencing her first taste of freedom and independence, juxtaposed against the expectations of academic achievements and parental approval. The protagonist is depicted as a diligent student during the weekdays, maintaining straight A’s, and transforming into a party enthusiast during the weekends, indulging in uninhibited revelries.

The portrayal of her maintaining impressions, “Keeps her parents impressed,” points to the dichotomy between the reality of her life and the image she projects to her parents. This dichotomy is a common theme among young adults who are trying to balance societal and parental expectations with their desires and exploration of their identities.

The lyrics, “18 got it all figured out,” encapsulate the essence of youthful arrogance and the feeling of invincibility that often accompanies the early years of adulthood. It’s this phase of life where everything feels possible, and the world is just waiting to be conquered. The journey to the sorority house and the new friendships formed depict the social expansions and connections that are integral to the college experience.

While the song is filled with exuberance and youthful rebellion, showcasing parties and the freedom to do “what she wants to,” it subtly touches on the challenges of relationships and love life, hinting at the complex emotional world the protagonist is navigating.

The casual mention of “Molly” and “drinking boxed wine,” portray the experimental and rebellious nature of youth, highlighting the quest for pleasure and escape from the rigors of academic life and societal expectations. It’s not just a dance between responsibility and revelry; it’s a journey of self-discovery, learning, and growth, illustrated through the vivid imageries of parties, friendships, and academic life.

The Story Behind “Freshman Year”

When considering why Vwillz wrote “Freshman Year,” it is possible that he aimed to showcase the transitional phase of moving from adolescence to adulthood. This period is marked by exploration, learning, and a struggle to balance newfound freedoms and responsibilities. It’s an illustration of the dichotomy between youthful exuberance and the pressure to conform to societal norms and expectations.

Vwillz seems to draw from the universal experiences of college freshmen, making the song relatable to a wide audience. It’s likely that the song’s creation was influenced by observations, experiences, and reflections on the common journey that many undertake during their college years. The song does not pass judgment but rather presents a raw and unfiltered portrayal of this phase of life.

The carefree attitude and the rebellious undertones serve as a reminder of the ephemeral nature of this time, urging listeners to reminisce or embrace their youthful adventures. The song resonates with many due to its honest and frank depiction of the myriad of experiences, emotions, and transformations that define the college years.

By exploring the intertwined themes of freedom, rebellion, experimentation, and self-discovery, “Freshman Year” becomes a musical representation of the multifaceted journey of growing up, making it a compelling anthem for those in the throes of their youthful escapades.