Zach Bryan – “Crooked Teeth” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Zach Bryan’s “Crooked Teeth” is about the complexities of human emotions, centering on themes of betrayal, revenge, and the overpowering force of love. The song narrates a tale of a man wronged in love, taking justice into his own hands. Bryan uses the phrase “crooked teeth” as a recurring symbol, perhaps indicating the ugly side of love. Through this poignant ballad, the songwriter questions the notions of morality, justice, and the destructive power of love.

Let’s unravel the hidden depths of “Crooked Teeth”.

“Crooked Teeth” Lyrics Meaning

Bryan kicks off with “If two fill-ups is all it costs, I guess I’ll make the drive. Down past the Texas line to make sure he’s not alive.” The protagonist is willing to take a long drive to ensure that a man, presumably his romantic rival, is no longer a threat. This suggests a personal vendetta, hinting at betrayal.

The next lines, “I lost my bride to the finest man, she claims to have ever known. When she got to the parking lot, his knees were already blown” confirms the suspicion of a love triangle. The protagonist’s love interest has left him for another man, whom he has presumably harmed as an act of revenge.

The phrase “Love is such a mighty drug, a mightier disease” is a powerful expression of the protagonist’s view on love, equating it to a potent drug and a destructive disease. He considers love a force that has caused him pain and led to drastic actions.

Now, let’s examine the recurring phrase, “Your crooked teeth been floatin’.” This vivid imagery could symbolize the unattractive, harmful side of love. It could also refer to the consequences of his actions – the rival’s damaged state due to their conflict.

“I would ride through Colorado on a rocky stretch of road with no one who loves me as far as telephone poles go,” expresses the protagonist’s loneliness and isolation, perhaps a consequence of his actions driven by love and betrayal.

“Your crooked teeth been floatin’ and my ladies resting fine. Seven miles out of Bismark, next to backin’ all the lines. I laid her down so softly, and so kindly reassured.” These lines reveal a sense of closure, with the protagonist finding peace after carrying out his revenge. He reassures his lover, suggesting a wish to protect her despite the hurt she has caused.

Throughout “Crooked Teeth”, Bryan narrates a captivating tale of love and vengeance, questioning the concept of right and wrong. Yet, what sparked the creation of this riveting story? Let’s explore the inspiration behind this poignant song.

The Story Behind “Crooked Teeth”

“Crooked Teeth” is an intriguing product of Zach Bryan’s vivid imagination and knack for storytelling. Known for his distinctive ability to weave compelling narratives through his lyrics, Bryan dives into the depth of raw human emotions with this track. While there’s no specific personal incident tied to the song, the emotions it explores are universal – the anguish of betrayal, the thirst for justice, and the complexities of love.

At the time of writing “Crooked Teeth”, Bryan was deeply immersed in honing his craft as a songwriter, trying to tell stories that stir emotions and provoke thought. This song is a testament to that endeavor, delivering a chilling narrative with a myriad of interpretive possibilities.

The protagonist’s actions might be extreme, but they stem from universally relatable feelings of love and heartbreak. Bryan portrays love as a potent force that can lead individuals down a path of questionable actions. In the song, love is described as a “mighty drug” and “a disease that can’t be cured,” emphasizing its intense and sometimes destructive nature.

“Crooked Teeth” is also reflective of Bryan’s stylistic approach to songwriting. He often employs vivid imagery and symbols in his lyrics to create a deeper impact. The recurring phrase “crooked teeth” is a classic example. It’s open to various interpretations – a physical manifestation of the rival’s defeat, a metaphor for the ugliness of love, or a symbol of irreversible consequences.

In essence, while “Crooked Teeth” isn’t tied to a specific incident in Bryan’s life, it encapsulates the emotional intensity and storytelling prowess that defines his songwriting style. The song invites listeners on an introspective journey, prompting them to reflect on their personal experiences with love, justice, and the choices we make.