Zach Bryan – “Late July” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Late July” by Zach Bryan is a soulful country ballad that delves into themes of love, nostalgia, and the passage of time. Through his touching lyrics, Zach reflects on a relationship, expressing a deep longing for a significant other while acknowledging the inevitable passage of time and life’s fleeting moments. He wishes well for his loved one, even in his absence, highlighting a selfless kind of love. The song seems to be a personal letter from Zach to someone he cares deeply about, perhaps a romantic partner. Clearly, he wrote this song during a time of reflection and longing, wanting to convey his feelings and hopes for this particular person.

Are you curious about the intricate details and deeper meanings of “Late July”? Zach Bryan has woven a beautiful tapestry of words, and we’re about to unravel it together.

“Late July” Lyrics Meaning

“I heard life is what passes when you’re too busy living.” Zach starts with a profound statement, reminding us to be present. Life is fleeting, and we shouldn’t get too caught up in the hustle.

“And love is at its finest when times are hard.” He acknowledges that love is tested and strengthened during challenging times. “May your lady always keep you from the vices you’ve been after.” He wishes protection for his loved ones, hoping they stay away from temptations or bad habits.

“May the Lord always love you where you are.” A prayer, wishing divine love and care for them, no matter where life takes them. “I’m heading down the road, I guess.” Zach is on a journey, perhaps metaphorically, in life or love. “Another good time I’ll regret.” He hints at past mistakes or moments he wishes he could redo. “But I wish that I was coming home to you.” Despite everything, his ultimate desire is to be with this person. This is the crux of the song.

“Late July, oh, my, all in good time.” He reflects on a specific time, Late July, with a sense of nostalgia and patience. “Praying that my girl is fine.” His concern and love for her is evident here. He hopes she’s okay in his absence. “Sleeping in while rain falls on the roof.” A serene image suggests he wishes her peace and comfort.

“I hope your sunsets always bleed red.” He wishes her beauty in the simple things in life. “And your family’s always well fed.” He cares about her well-being and that of her family.

“And the song stuck in your head.” Music is a powerful connector, and he hopes a song (maybe this one) keeps them connected. “Plays all night.” He wishes her continuous joy and connection, even through music.

Through the repetition in the lyrics, Zach emphasizes his feelings and wishes, making the song feel like a heartfelt letter or a lullaby.

The Story Behind “Late July”

Zach Bryan is known for his authentic songwriting, often drawing from personal experiences and emotions. When he wrote this song, he was in a state of reflection, missing a significant other and wishing them well from afar. “Late July” feels like a personal and intimate peek into his life and relationships. It’s as if he’s singing directly to someone he cares deeply about, offering both apologies and well-wishes. He acknowledges his own journey and mistakes, but his main focus is on the well-being and happiness of the other person.

This song is a beautiful example of selfless love and the deep connections we form with others. Through his lyrics, Zach Bryan has captured the essence of longing, love, and the bittersweet passage of time.