AJR – “Humpty Dumpty” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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AJR’s “Humpty Dumpty” is all about internal struggles and putting up a brave face. It draws parallels to the nursery rhyme character, Humpty Dumpty, who fell and couldn’t be put back together again. The song seems to tackle themes of emotional turmoil and vulnerability, illustrating the battle between showing the world a brave face while screaming when no one’s around. It seems to paint a vivid picture of feeling broken but trying to hold it together and worrying about how others perceive one’s emotional state.

Fancy a closer look at the emotions and hidden meanings behind AJR’s “Humpty Dumpty”? Keep reading to unravel the layers of this intriguing piece!

“Humpty Dumpty” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics kick off with references to Humpty Dumpty, a metaphor for experiencing a fall or a breakdown and the ensuing struggle. “He said screw it, I’ma smile right through it, And I’ll scream when no one’s around” underscores the battle between enduring pain silently and the need to maintain a facade of happiness. It shows a stark contrast between external appearances and internal realities, hinting at the emotional strain of keeping up appearances.

AJR is reluctant to face difficulties with “Something’s wrong, But I’m scared to look it up.” This hesitation could symbolize a fear of facing one’s own vulnerabilities and the isolation that may follow such realizations. The chorus echoes with friends “in a lot of weird places,” which may imply a feeling of estrangement or unpredictable support networks, dependent on one’s emotional disposition.

The lines “Look outside, They’re making snowmen on your street” combined with the mention of hiding “behind your pillow” hints at a juxtaposition of external joy and internal strife, illustrating a world moving in happiness while the individual struggles internally. This internal struggle is further illustrated by “If I try, To keep my tears in my eyes, Would you like me,” showcasing a desire for acceptance despite the emotional turmoil.

The Story Behind “Humpty Dumpty”

Creating “Humpty Dumpty,” AJR seemingly dives deep into the realms of emotional vulnerability and the human inclination to mask true feelings. The use of the character Humpty Dumpty could represent the fragility of the human spirit and the irreparable damage that internal struggles can cause. The narrative portrays a dichotomy between the need to be liked and accepted and the desperate longing to reveal one’s true self.

AJR’s lyrics reflect a poignant exploration of self-perception and societal expectations. It seems to stem from a space of introspection and self-awareness, emphasizing the constant battle between revealing and concealing one’s true emotional state. The powerful imagery of smiling through pain and screaming when no one is around resonates with the universal human experience of grappling with internal chaos while presenting a calm exterior.

This musical journey echoes with themes of isolation, acceptance, and the pursuit of genuine connections, enveloped in a melodious and emotionally charged composition. It is a heartfelt reflection of AJR’s exploration of emotional landscapes and the enduring human spirit, intertwining vulnerability and strength in a harmonious symphony of feelings and musicality.