Alex G – “Mary” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Mary” by Alex G isn’t just a love song; it’s a subversive exploration of reality, desire, and self-perception. The lyrics weave a tale about Mary, a character exuding a raw, magnetic allure. Mary is depicted as an object of desire with pronounced physical attributes, stirring the speaker’s yearning.

The songwriter is seemingly captivated, ready to surrender and lose time in her presence. Yet, Mary takes a dark turn in the narrative, presenting herself as reality while discrediting the speaker’s existence. This could symbolize a struggle with self-doubt and identity, as seen through the lens of an intense, perhaps unhealthy, romantic infatuation. By writing this song, the songwriter seems to be exploring complex emotions and personal growth within such encounters.

Ready to delve deeper into the song’s hidden nuances and its captivating story? Let’s dive in.

“Mary” Lyrics Meaning

Beginning with “Mary is the girl that I wanna kiss,” the lyrics paint a vivid picture of Mary, the focus of desire. Her “big red eyes and big red lips” may symbolize passion and allure, while her “big sharp teeth and big fat hips” could suggest a sense of danger or power that attracts the songwriter.

The lyrics then shift to a more intimate confession: “Mary is the girl that I wanna fuck…She’s the only girl that I wanna love.” Here, Alex G portrays an intense physical and emotional longing for Mary. This desire may reflect not just infatuation, but also a yearning for a deeper connection, seen in lines like “I wanna be with you and waste my time… I wanna feel whatever you think I should.”

This need for connection is also echoed in “Sing it for me, baby, play my song/I wanna hear your daddy sing along.” The speaker is longing for a sense of belonging and acceptance, an urge to be part of Mary’s life and, possibly, her family.

However, the line “Mary is the girl that leaves you to rot” introduces a dark twist. The romantic narrative abruptly shifts to a more existential crisis, hinting at heartbreak, betrayal, or abandonment. Mary’s claims – “I am real and you are not” – could be interpreted as a psychological blow, forcing the speaker to question their own reality and identity in the light of their seemingly unrequited love.

Continuing from this point, the lyrics confront the stark contrast between the allure and the harsh reality of desire, leaving us with a sense of the songwriter’s struggle and personal growth within these experiences.

The Story Behind “Mary”

While it’s challenging to discern the precise state of mind Alex G was in while crafting this song, it’s evident that the songwriter was engaging with some profound emotions and experiences. The song seems to hint at a period of introspection, possibly triggered by an intense romantic encounter or an existential crisis. The recurring theme of love, desire, and disillusionment may suggest a complex personal journey fraught with emotional highs and lows, self-doubt, and introspection.

Given the songwriter’s exploration of themes like identity, acceptance, and unrequited love, it’s possible that Alex G was grappling with questions about self-worth and the nature of reality when he penned this song. The lyrics appear to reflect a deep introspection and a desire to understand and express these complex emotions through the persona of Mary. This is particularly evident in the lines, “She says, ‘I am real and you are not.'” Here, Mary becomes a mirror, reflecting the speaker’s insecurities and existential doubts.