Behemoth – “O Father O Satan O Sun!” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Behemoth’s “O Father O Satan O Sun!” is a journey into the depths of the occult and individual enlightenment. It’s a call to powerful forces, a celebration of self-empowerment, and an exploration of the balance between light and darkness. The song navigates between reverence for the sun as a life-giver and its alignment with darker forces. What is the intention behind it? To challenge traditional religious views, embrace the duality of existence, and find strength in one’s own spiritual path.

Eager to dive deeper into the mystic realms of this song? Join us as we decode its rich lyrical tapestry.

“O Father O Satan O Sun!” Lyrics Meaning

“Akephalos, Shine through me” begins the song with a nod to the headless or ‘bornless’ deity from ancient myths, representing a force beyond human comprehension. This force is invoked both in war and peace, symbolizing the dual nature of existence.

“Bring down the sun, Extinguish all the stars” conveys a wish to eclipse traditional celestial symbols of purity and divinity. Yet, the plea to “remain in splendor of thy light” highlights the importance of understanding and embracing one’s inner brilliance, even in the darkest of times.

The lines “Like a day without the dawn” and “Like a ray void of the sun” emphasize a feeling of incompletion, a world without illumination or clarity. It speaks to the internal conflict and search for meaning.

The repeated cry, “O father, o satan, o sun,” forms the crux of the song. It places three seemingly distinct entities on equal footing, suggesting that all hold power and importance in the universe.

The ending focuses on the speaker’s plea to be recognized and heard by these forces. He seeks dominion over spirits, elements, and challenges faced in life, culminating in the call “Cry aloud, cry aloud, Whirl the wheel, oh my father, oh satan, oh sun.” The cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth is encapsulated here, hinting at a desire for eternal influence and power.

The Story Behind “O Father O Satan O Sun!”

When Behemoth released “The Satanist” album in 2014, it was clear that they were taking on heavier, more introspective themes. This was their tenth studio album, and it marked a shift in the band’s narrative.

Nergal, the frontman of Behemoth, had recently recovered from a life-threatening bout of leukemia. This brush with death led him to confront his beliefs, spirituality, and existence more deeply. This introspection is evident throughout the album, but especially in “O Father O Satan O Sun!”

In interviews, Nergal has spoken about his appreciation for the works of Aleister Crowley, an occultist whose influence seeps into the song. Crowley’s teachings revolve around the worship of the self, the belief that every individual is their own deity, capable of creating their destiny.

The song serves as a challenge to traditional religious norms, a celebration of the self, and an acknowledgment of the eternal forces that bind the universe. Nergal’s personal experiences, combined with his exploration of mysticism and the occult, birthed a track that encourages listeners to embrace their power, acknowledge the duality of existence, and find their unique spiritual path.