Benson Boone – “In The Stars” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

“In The Stars” by Benson Boone is a haunting ballad about grappling with loss and loneliness. It’s clear that the songwriter is singing about someone who was incredibly important to him—probably a loved one who has passed away. The lyrics explore the emotional rollercoaster that comes after losing someone, from challenging faith to holding onto memories and even physical mementos like old birthday letters. The message? Sometimes you find yourself stuck “between the heavens and the embers,” trying to reconcile the physical absence and emotional void left behind.

Ever found yourself lost between memories and present pain? Dive into the universe of “In The Stars” and explore the gravity of a love that’s both lost and ever-present.

“In The Stars” Lyrics Meaning

The song opens with a reminiscence of Sunday mornings spent with someone special, likely a partner or a close friend. It used to be a sacred, shared time, emphasized by the line “I used to meet you down on Woods Creek Road.” The morning ritual, now lost, marks a shift in the songwriter’s faith and routine. The line “It’s like I buried my faith with you” really packs a punch. The absence isn’t just physical; it’s spiritual too.

As we move further, we encounter lines like “I’m screamin’ at a God I don’t know if I believe in.” This serves as a cry for answers, showing how loss can make us question not just ourselves, but our higher beliefs.

The recurring phrase “I’m still holdin’ on to everything that’s dead and gone” represents the difficulty of letting go. But why is it so hard? Because, as the song mentions, “this one means forever.” Here the permanence of the loss is acknowledged. The lost person isn’t coming back, and the space they’ve left behind feels impossibly vast.

When he sings “And now you’re in the stars and six-feet’s never felt so far,” it encapsulates the tension of the loved one being both cosmically distant yet physically close under the earth. The pain is emphasized by the words “Oh, it hurts so hard / For a million different reasons.”

Towards the end, the lyric “A crumpled 20 still in the box / I don’t think that I could ever find a way to spend it” adds another layer. This shows how certain things become priceless when attached to a memory or person we’ve lost. It’s not just a 20-dollar bill; it’s a piece of the past, a relic of a time that felt happier and more secure.

The Story Behind “In The Stars”

When Benson Boone wrote “In The Stars,” he was going through a significant emotional turmoil. The loss he sings about isn’t just artistic expression; it reflects a deep, personal experience. Boone wrote the song as a coping mechanism, a way to wrestle with emotions too complex to untangle otherwise. The words and melody became a form of therapy, a bridge between what he felt and what he couldn’t express in everyday conversations.

Boone is no stranger to wearing his heart on his sleeve, and “In The Stars” is a testament to his vulnerability as an artist. This song allows listeners to step into his shoes and experience the palpable ache of his loss. It acts as an emotional outlet not just for him, but for anyone struggling with a similar pain.

The story behind “In The Stars” isn’t just about a heart-wrenching loss. It’s also about finding a small sliver of clarity and closure amidst the chaos of grief. Boone’s artistry gives voice to a universal human experience—dealing with the complicated tangle of love, loss, and lingering attachment. It reminds us that even when someone is gone, their imprint stays with us, somewhere between the tangible world and the far-off stars.