Chester See – “If We Were Vampires” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“If We Were Vampires” is a hauntingly beautiful meditation on love, mortality, and the transient nature of life. This song delves into the profound realization that love is made more precious by the inevitability of death. See uses the metaphor of vampires, beings immortal and untouched by time, to underscore the urgency and depth of human connections. The song is a bittersweet acknowledgment that our time with loved ones is finite, pushing us to cherish every moment. It reflects on the paradoxical gift of mortality, suggesting that knowing we won’t live forever makes our love and time together more meaningful. This poignant reflection is not just about a romantic partnership but a universal musing on how mortality shapes our relationships and our appreciation of life.

Chester See’s “If We Were Vampires” explores love profoundly in the shadow of mortality. Dive into the depths of love, mortality, and the art of cherishing every moment with us.

“If We Were Vampires” Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines immediately set the tone, focusing not on the physical beauty of a partner but on something much deeper—their soul, their moral compass, and the intimate moments shared in the dark. It’s a narrative that moves beyond superficial attractions to the core of what makes human connections resilient and meaningful.

See masterfully weaves a narrative that juxtaposes the eternal with the ephemeral. The mention of vampires introduces a hypothetical scenario where death does not loom over the lovers. This metaphor cleverly highlights how the presence of an end point—death—actually deepens our love and urgency to live fully. The notion that “time running out is a gift” is a poignant reminder to cherish every second with our loved ones, as the countdown adds value to each moment spent together.

The chorus, repeating the inevitability of separation by death, serves as a haunting refrain that underscores the entire song’s message: love is made infinitely more precious by its impermanence. The imagery of going out on the sidewalk to smoke, laughing at the naivety of those who make plans as if life is infinite, is particularly striking. It captures a sense of rebellion against the inevitable, a desire to grasp tightly to the moments that define our human experience.

See’s reflections on working “hard ’til the end of my shift” to give every possible second to his love is a metaphor for the dedication and effort we must pour into our relationships, knowing that any moment could be our last. This urgency is contrasted with the peaceful acceptance of fate, an embrace of the time we do have rather than a futile resistance against the inevitable.

The Story Behind “If We Were Vampires”

In crafting this masterpiece, Chester See was likely influenced by personal experiences of love and loss, reflecting on how the shadow of mortality shapes our deepest connections.

In an artistic journey, the concept of vampires served as a perfect foil to human frailty—immortal creatures that observe centuries pass without the personal stake of mortality. This stark contrast illuminates the beauty of human life, where every ticking second is a treasure. See’s state of mind during the writing process must have been deeply reflective, pondering the universal experience of knowing that we, and everyone we love, will one day be gone.

The song serves as a reminder to appreciate the present, love fiercely, and live with the awareness that nothing lasts forever. It’s a call to action to make the most of the time we have, inspired by the certainty of its limit. The emotional depth of the song, coupled with its universal message, suggests that See was not only exploring his own feelings but also tapping into a collective human truth—a meditation on the impermanence that binds us all.