Common Kings – “Wade In Your Water” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Wade In Your Water” is a vibrant ode to love and nature, intertwined with a surfer’s spirit. It’s a song that talks about a surfer’s infatuation with a girl who embodies the essence of the sea. This isn’t just a summer fling; it’s a deep connection with someone who shares a love for the ocean. Through their lyrics, the writers celebrate this bond and the joy of finding someone who resonates with your soul. The recurring metaphor of ‘wading in your water’ symbolizes the desire to dive deeper into this relationship, akin to a surfer eagerly waiting to catch the perfect wave.

Ready for a lyrical journey that’s as refreshing as a dive into the ocean? Keep reading to ride the waves of this enchanting song.

“Wade In Your Water” Lyrics Meaning

“Wade In Your Water” starts with a quintessentially surfer-esque setting sponsored by Billabong, instantly painting a picture of the beach and waves. The lyrics then transition into a metaphorical journey, comparing the thrill of surfing to the excitement of a new relationship.

The song’s chorus, “Can I wade in your water, until I catch your wave,” is a poetic way of asking for permission to be a part of someone’s life, to understand them deeply, just like a surfer harmonizes with the sea.

Then, there’s a shift in the lyrics, from the physical description of the girl and the surfing environment to a more emotional landscape. Lines like “Like the sun I can feel her warmth” and “Type a love never expire” convey a sense of enduring affection, suggesting that this isn’t just a fleeting summer romance, but something more lasting and profound.

The song beautifully intertwines surfing metaphors with the feelings of love and desire. “Go deeper into nature’s arms, Cascade like Waimea falls” not only brings in the grandeur of nature but also symbolizes diving deeper into a relationship, exploring its depths like one would explore the depths of the ocean.

The Story Behind “Wade In Your Water”

The inspiration behind “Wade In Your Water” seems to stem from the band’s deep connection with the surf culture and the Hawaiian lifestyle. The lyrics are imbued with references to popular surfing locations on the North Shore of Oahu, like Haleiwa, Laie, and Waimea, suggesting a personal attachment to these places.

The mindset of the writers during the creation of this song likely revolved around their experiences on the beaches of Hawaii, the surfing community, and the relationships that blossom in this unique setting. This environment, where the sea is a central element of life, offers a rich tapestry for songwriting.

The song’s lyrics reflect a state of mind that’s in love with both the sea and a person who embodies the spirit of the ocean. It’s a celebration of the surf lifestyle, a tribute to the beauty of nature, and an expression of a deeper, more emotional connection with someone who shares the same passion. The imagery of the ocean, waves, and the sun’s warmth are not just mere descriptions but metaphors for the feelings and experiences that the songwriter is trying to convey.