Infected Mushroom – “Change the Formality” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Change the Formality” by Infected Mushroom conveys a message about the recurrence of human error and its consequences. The song’s lyrics revolve around the themes of mistake-making and regret—or the lack thereof. The repeated phrase “people killing people for a reason” implies a criticism of justifications made for harmful actions. It seems to portray a cycle of violence and remorselessness, challenging listeners to reflect on their actions and decisions and to change the “formality,” or the usual way of doing things.

Keen on exploring the depth behind Infected Mushroom’s “Change the Formality”? Uncover the layers and get a closer look at the meaning behind the repetitive lyrics and their underlying messages.

“Change the Formality” Lyrics Meaning

Infected Mushroom’s “Change the Formality” navigates through the realms of humanity’s inherent flaws and the ongoing cycle of making mistakes. The lyrics’ repetitiveness mirrors the recurring nature of human errors and the seemingly endless loop of violence and lack of remorse highlighted by the words, “people killing people for a reason.”

This cyclical representation emphasizes the way people often try to justify their harmful actions, bringing attention to the consequences that follow. It’s a call for introspection, a challenge for the listeners to ponder their choices and the rationale behind them.

The statement, “you make mistakes, you don’t regret so make a conclusion,” sheds light on the nonchalance and indifference that often accompany the mistakes we make. It’s an invitation to break free from indifference, feel the weight of our actions and draw meaningful conclusions from them, and ultimately, to change the “formality” – the established order and norm.

The song’s recurring lyrics evoke a sense of urgency and a need for transformation, implying that a mere acknowledgment of our flaws and mistakes is not enough. It’s about the collective responsibility to alter our patterns, reshape our moral compass, and step out of the destructive loops to foster a more compassionate and empathetic world.

The Story Behind “Change the Formality”

Infected Mushroom’s approach to “Change the Formality” seems to stem from observing societal norms and behaviors. The band’s choice to repeat the lyrics accentuates the ongoing cycle of harm and indifference, resonating with a universal acknowledgment of human fallibility. It’s likely that the creators were contemplating the world around them, focusing on the normalization of violence and the lack of accountability and remorse that often follow.

By centering the song around the idea of changing the “formality,” or the conventional and accepted norms, the band underscores a desire for transformation within individuals and society at large. The repetitive nature of the lyrics serves as a stark reminder of our recurring misdeeds and the crucial need to break away from the cycle.

Infected Mushroom doesn’t just stop at illustrating the cyclical patterns of errors and harm; they prompt listeners to reflect, to feel the consequences of their actions, and to conclude with a shift in perspective and behavior. This artistic expression, thus, becomes a medium for awakening consciousness and pushing boundaries, encouraging each one of us to reassess our values and break the moulds of conventional norms, enabling a transition from indifference to empathy, from harm to healing.