Koe Wetzel – “Austin” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Koe Wetzel’s “Austin” expresses feelings of heartache and longing. The songwriter expresses his disbelief at a former lover finding happiness and moving on, particularly to a city she claimed to despise. The lyrics depict a struggle between acceptance and denial as the songwriter grapples with his emotions in the early morning hours. Wetzel uses the backdrop of Austin, a city known for its vibrant music scene, as a metaphor for change and moving on. Through his words, it’s evident he wishes for communication yet also acknowledges the inconsistency in their connection. The song is a raw and honest exploration of the complexity of emotions that come with seeing someone you once loved find happiness elsewhere.

Ever been haunted by an old flame’s happiness? “Austin” takes you through this emotional roller coaster with raw lyrics and a haunting melody. Let’s unpack the layers together and discover the emotions hiding in the verses.

“Austin” Lyrics Meaning

Koe Wetzel starts “Austin” with a vivid image of insomnia and isolation, highlighting the songwriter’s struggle to find peace. The sleeping pills are a metaphor for his attempts to numb the pain, but they prove ineffective, leaving him alone with his thoughts. The naked walls symbolize his vulnerability and the silence of the night, which amplifies his internal turmoil.

As his mind wanders, the past and present blur together, emphasizing the lingering impact of the past relationship. The songwriter reveals his shock at his ex-partner’s newfound happiness and her move to Austin, a place she supposedly disliked. This contradiction adds a layer of confusion and disbelief to his emotions, making it harder for him to move on.

Despite his attempts to reach out, the lack of response leaves him in a state of uncertainty and longing. The specific mention of the time, 4:00 a.m., underscores the desperation and vulnerability of the late-night hours. The fleeting moments of hope when she does respond eventually give way to reality, as she retreats once more, highlighting the inconsistency and fragility of their connection.

The chorus is a repeated plea for clarity and honesty. The songwriter doesn’t want to be led on; he wants to know where he stands, even if the truth is painful. The repetition of “I can’t believe” emphasizes his struggle to accept the situation, while the plea to “write me a letter or answer your phone” reflects his desperation for any form of communication.

The Story Behind “Austin”

“Austin” emerges from a place of vulnerability and heartbreak. Koe Wetzel, known for his raw and honest songwriting, delves into the complexities of watching someone you once shared a deep connection with find happiness elsewhere. The song captures the conflicting emotions of longing, disbelief, and the desire for closure.

Wetzel’s choice of Austin as the backdrop for the song adds a layer of complexity, as the city is often associated with new beginnings and vibrant living. It starkly contrasts the songwriter’s current state of mind, further highlighting his sense of loss and longing.

The late-night setting of the song reflects Wetzel’s introspective state of mind, a time when emotions are heightened and the desire for connection becomes overwhelming. The inconsistency in the ex-partner’s responses adds to the turmoil, creating a cycle of hope and disappointment.

Through “Austin,” Wetzel explores the universal theme of heartbreak, adding his unique voice and perspective. The song serves as a cathartic expression of his emotions while also resonating with listeners who have experienced similar situations.