Lord Huron (Ft. Allison Ponthier) – “I Lied” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Lord Huron’s “I Lied” is a tale of promises made and broken, with the singer expressing regrets for not staying true to their word. The song revolves around love, longing, and the struggle of trying to be someone better for the sake of a loved one. But as life happens, the singer admits to falling short. Through these lyrics, they reflect on their past promises and how they couldn’t live up to them. It’s about human imperfection and the complex emotions of guilt and freedom.

Want to journey through a tale of love and promises? Let’s unravel the layers of “I Lied” together and feel its heartbeat!

“I Lied” Lyrics Meaning

Lord Huron starts off by expressing an earnest attempt to transform, “I swore that I’d become a better man for you and I tried”. This line sets the stage for the story – a journey of personal growth for the sake of love.

As we move on, “I bore a flame that burned a thousand suns for you but it died” paints a picture of intense love that somehow faded away. Here, the flame symbolizes a passionate love that was intense but not everlasting. The chorus, “Told you I could never love somebody else but I lied”, is a heart-wrenching confession. It’s about facing the truth and admitting one’s flaws and mistakes, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

The verse, “I told you I’d be coming back again for you but I’m not. Going way out where the world will never find me”, suggests a desire to escape, to be out of reach, and perhaps a need for solitude. It also hints at the pain of parting and the heavy burden of broken promises.

Another touching line, “I read your letter in the morning by the lake and I cried. They were tears of joy, my chains are finally broken”, speaks of liberation. While the exact reason is not stated, the singer seems relieved, indicating the complexities of love and attachment. The recurring “Mmm, I lied” amplifies the regret. It’s not just about the words but the emotion behind them. Every “I lied” echoes the weight of broken promises and the haunting aftermath of not living up to someone’s expectations.

The Story Behind “I Lied”

Lord Huron, as a band, has always been known for their atmospheric and cinematic music. Their songs often encapsulate deep emotions, intertwined with ethereal storytelling. The band’s leader, Ben Schneider, frequently explores themes of love, loss, nature, and human connection in their tracks.

At the time “I Lied” was being crafted, Lord Huron was evolving in their musical journey, experimenting with different sounds and styles. Collaborating with Allison Ponthier on this track added another layer to the song’s depth. Ponthier, with her emotive voice, has a knack for tapping into raw emotion, making the song’s sentiments even more resonant.

Given the introspective and regretful tone of the lyrics, it’s possible that Schneider was drawing from personal experiences or observations. Art, after all, often imitates life. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that the song was inspired by a moment or a series of moments in which promises were made with the best intentions but couldn’t be fulfilled. Such experiences can lead to profound introspection, culminating in a song like “I Lied”. Furthermore, the song’s release during a period where the world faced challenges and introspection might hint at a collective feeling of introspection. The regrets voiced in the song might resonate with many who’ve faced similar internal conflicts.

In essence, “I Lied” is a beautiful reflection on human nature, love, and the harsh realities of relationships. It reminds us that intentions, no matter how pure, can sometimes fall short in the face of life’s unpredictable twists.