Luci4 – “NO LIE #CONJURE” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Ever heard a song and felt like it hit right in the feels? That’s “NO LIE #CONJURE” by Luci4 for you. It’s a raw and honest depiction of the artist’s inner turmoil and struggles. Luci4 doesn’t hold back, sharing his feelings of isolation and his lack of genuine connections. He’s tired of the facades and the fake support. The song calls for authenticity, urging listeners to see beyond the surface. It’s about Luci4’s journey, but it’s also a reflection of a universal struggle.

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? Or questioned the loyalty of those around you? If so, this song might be the one you need to hear.

“NO LIE #CONJURE” Lyrics Meaning

“Ask me how I’m doing, I’ma just say fine Everybody knows that that shit is a lie” – Right off the bat, Luci4 sets the tone. He’s not okay, but he won’t admit it. It’s a facade we all put up at times, isn’t it?

“I don’t wanna be here no more, let me die I don’t know you no more, you won’t see me cry” – Here, the pain is palpable. Luci4 feels out of place, lost, and he’s hiding his true emotions. He’s reached a point where he just wants to escape.

“They say that they got you, that shit is a lie They listen to everyone else music but mines” – The sense of betrayal hits hard. Luci4 feels unsupported, even by those who claim to have his back.

“Live fast, it don’t matter because I’ma still shine I’m runnin’ round with two Glocks, nigga I got twin nines” – Despite everything, there’s a glimmer of defiance. Luci4 vows to live life on his own terms and protect himself at all costs.

“I’m finna spin yo block, nigga you won’t spin mines Mad bitches wanna fuck me, nigga there’s a whole line” – Here, he boasts about his lifestyle and the attention he receives, perhaps as a way to mask his inner turmoil.

“This shit always viral cause they love me online Don’t be too disappointed, nigga wasn’t even trying” – Luci4 acknowledges his online persona and the love he receives there, contrasting it with his real-life experiences.

“Niggas steady hatin’ cause they know they undivine Portals in my house, that’s how they sent to inside my shrine” – He touches on the hate he receives, attributing it to others’ lack of divinity. The reference to portals and shrines adds a mystical element, perhaps symbolizing his internal battles and search for peace.

“Yeah, I’m not even lying Got so many diamonds in my watch, can’t tell the time” – Finally, Luci4 reflects on his success and wealth, using it as a metaphor for his lost sense of time and reality amidst his struggles.

The Story Behind “NO LIE #CONJURE”

“NO LIE #CONJURE” is a glimpse into Luci4’s soul. Luci4 was navigating a world filled with superficiality and betrayal. He felt lost, and disconnected, and longed for genuine connections. This song was his way of expressing those pent-up emotions, a cathartic release of sorts. Luci4 wanted to be heard and seen for who he truly is, beyond fame and glamour. He was tired of the masks and the fake support, yearning for authenticity in a world that often feels anything but.

Through “NO LIE #CONJURE,” Luci4 lays his soul bare, inviting listeners to join him in his journey of self-discovery and the quest for genuine connections.