Lykke Li – “Possibility” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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If you’re seeking a quick take on Lykke Li’s “Possibility,” here’s the lowdown. The song is a profound exploration of vulnerability, love, and loss. With a raw, emotional message, the songwriter seems to articulate the fears and uncertainties faced in the midst of a failing or complex relationship.

The phrase “There’s a possibility” underlines the uncertainty and anticipatory pain that surrounds the potential end of a relationship. Yet, the songwriter does not specify who this song is about, allowing listeners to apply their own interpretations. Lykke Li wrote “Possibility” during a period of personal turmoil, turning her feelings into a hauntingly beautiful anthem of longing and loss.

Intrigued? There’s much more to explore about the captivating lyrics and poignant story behind Lykke Li’s “Possibility.” Keep reading to delve deeper into the heart of this captivating song.

“Possibility” Lyrics Meaning

The repeated lines “There’s a possibility” underscore the song’s central theme of uncertainty and the looming sense of inevitable loss. The lyrics “All that I had was all I’m gon’ get” reflect a sense of resignation and acceptance of an impending end to a cherished relationship.

The lyrics “So tell me when you hear my heart stop / You’re the only one that knows / Tell me when you hear my silence / There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know” are a plea for connection and understanding, despite the profound sense of alienation and disconnect in the relationship. These lines suggest the singer’s reliance on her partner to perceive her emotional state, indicating a deep level of intimacy.

The repeated lines “By blood and by me / You walk like a thief” suggests a profound betrayal or departure that feels devastating and unexpected, as if something precious has been stolen away. Meanwhile, the lyrics “And I fall when you leave” reinforce the idea of the singer’s emotional dependency and her struggle to maintain a sense of self in the absence of her partner.

The final lines “So tell me when my sigh’s over / You’re the reason why I’m closed / Tell me when you hear me fallin’ / There’s a possibility it wouldn’t show” reiterate the theme of emotional unavailability and self-isolation as a response to heartbreak.

The Story Behind “Possibility”

Lykke Li’s “Possibility” was written during a challenging time in her life. The raw vulnerability in the song lyrics suggests a tumultuous emotional state, perhaps caused by a personal relationship or event. The song serves as an outlet for her feelings of fear, anxiety, and confusion, ultimately offering listeners a poignant glimpse into the complex web of emotions associated with love and loss.

This backdrop of personal turmoil helps us understand the deep well of emotion from which “Possibility” was drawn. It lends further weight to our interpretation of the lyrics, painting a vivid picture of an artist channeling her personal experiences into a resonant work of art that many can identify with. The beauty of “Possibility” lies not only in its haunting melody and lyrical depth, but also in its relatability and the emotional authenticity that lies at its core.

Lykke Li herself has not explicitly spoken about the specific circumstances that inspired the creation of “Possibility”. However, the overall tone of the song and the lyrics suggest it was conceived in a period of emotional upheaval and introspection. It’s not uncommon for artists to leave their works open for interpretation, inviting the audience to connect with the piece on a personal level. This sense of universality is one of the factors that contributes to the enduring appeal of “Possibility”.

The phrase “By blood and by me, you walk like a thief” is particularly poignant. While these words could be interpreted literally, they likely serve as a metaphor for emotional theft – the taking away of one’s peace, happiness, or sense of self in a relationship. This highlights the depth of the connection Lykke Li is depicting, suggesting a bond so deep that its breaking feels almost criminal.

The song’s refrain, “And I’ll fall when you leave”, is a powerful confession of emotional vulnerability. It’s an acknowledgment of her dependence on the relationship for stability, further underlining the state of emotional distress that she might have been experiencing during the songwriting process.

Understanding these aspects of the song offers a more nuanced appreciation for “Possibility.” The song provides a voice to those experiencing similar situations – the fear and anxiety of loss, the feeling of despair when a relationship ends, and the struggle to regain one’s identity in its aftermath. Despite the personal turmoil suggested in the song’s backstory, Lykke Li uses her music as a platform for connection and empathy, encouraging listeners to embrace their emotions as part of the human experience.

So, while “Possibility” might have been born out of Lykke Li’s personal journey, it transcends her individual experience to touch the hearts of many, serving as a testament to the power of music as a medium for shared human connection and understanding.