Megan Thee Stallion – “Thot Shit” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot Shit” is a bold declaration of self-confidence and independence. It’s a song that flips the script on societal norms and expectations. Megan uses her lyrics to embrace her sexuality and individuality, rejecting any form of judgment or criticism. This track isn’t about anyone specific; it’s about Megan herself, standing tall in her truth. She wrote this song to empower, to assert her position in a world that often tries to silence voices like hers.

Curious about the fire behind Megan Thee Stallion’s words in “Thot Shit”? Keep reading for a deep dive into the empowering lyrics that challenge norms and celebrate self-expression.

“Thot Shit” Lyrics Meaning

“Thot Shit” opens with an unapologetic line: “Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit.” Right from the start, Megan Thee Stallion sets the tone. She’s here to own her actions and choices. The song is a celebration of her autonomy, a direct challenge to the double standards placed on women, especially in the rap industry.

She continues, “Post me a pic, finna make me a profit.” Megan is addressing the power of her image and presence. It’s a statement on how she’s leveraging her influence, turning the gaze and attention she receives into something profitable and empowering.

In the lines “Pussy-ass niggas hatin’ on me from the closet” and “Hoes tryna call me a snake, shit, I guess I can relate,” Megan confronts her detractors head-on. She’s not just defending herself; she’s attacking the hypocrisy and hate directed at her. These lines assert her dominance and refuse to let criticism dim her shine.

The chorus, repeated throughout, is a mantra of defiance and empowerment. Megan is not just dancing; she’s making a statement with her body and presence. The repetition of this line reinforces her message and invites her to join her in this celebration of self.

Later, Megan touches on themes of success and envy in the industry: “Actin’ like you winnin’, if you think about it, actually. Are they supportin’ you or really just attackin’ me?” Here, she’s reflecting on the nature of her relationships within the industry, questioning the intentions of those around her.

Finally, Megan ends with a strong declaration of her independence and control: “None of these hoes finna see me at the bank. And I’ma keep talkin’ all the shit that I want.”

The Story Behind “Thot Shit”

While writing this track, Megan was navigating the complexities of fame, scrutiny, and expectation. The song emerged as a response to the constant judgment and double standards she faced, particularly as a female artist in the hip-hop world.

Megan’s state of mind was one of defiance and self-assurance. She was tired of conforming to societal norms that dictate how women should behave and be perceived. “Thot Shit” was her way of taking control of the narrative, using her platform to empower not just herself but other women who face similar struggles.

The song’s raw and unfiltered lyrics reflect Megan’s desire to be authentic to herself, regardless of public opinion. It’s a celebration of her achievements and a middle finger to those who doubted her or tried to diminish her worth. Through “Thot Shit,” Megan Thee Stallion reminds us all of the power of owning our stories and living unapologetically.