Obituary – “Turned to Stone” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

“Turned to Stone” by Obituary is a haunting reflection on stagnation, loss, and change. The song touches on the transformation someone undergoes when faced with life’s adversities, becoming unrecognizable to those who once knew them. This metamorphosis, likened to turning to stone, captures a feeling of emotional numbness and detachment. The recurring theme suggests a personal battle and a longing for connection, even when that feels impossible.

Curious about the deeper layers of “Turned to Stone”? Stick around to uncover the raw emotions and the tale that birthed this powerful track.

“Turned to Stone” Lyrics Meaning

Starting with the lyrics, “I will find out in time,” the song kicks off with a promise of revelation and understanding. However, the subsequent lines hint at a devastating transformation, “Which way turns you back to a shell of silence.” This paints a picture of someone reverting to a quieter, less vibrant version of themselves.

The repetition of “You turned to stone” drives home the central theme of change – not a positive one, but a transition into emotional paralysis. There’s a pervasive coldness, described by “In way we’re so cold,” indicating a distance, perhaps between two people or between a person and their former self.

The lines “Locked in a state of silence / Locked on and grab the serpent’s tail” evoke a sense of entrapment, perhaps in one’s own mind or within a toxic situation, further emphasizing the feeling of being stuck or paralyzed.

“In time pain calls true / Enter seas of sanity” explores the inevitability of pain and the journey to find some semblance of clarity or sanity amidst the turmoil. The reference to “the realm of the living dead” paints a chilling picture of a lifeless existence, emphasizing the gravity of the transformation the song delves into.

The Story Behind “Turned to Stone”

Obituary, known for their evocative and often dark lyrical themes, touches the soul with “Turned to Stone.” Drawing inspiration from life’s challenges, the track gives voice to the internal struggles many face but few articulate. The feeling of being stuck, of becoming someone you hardly recognize, resonates with many, especially in times of personal adversity.

The creation of “Turned to Stone” might have stemmed from witnessing someone’s battle with mental health or personal demons. Observing someone once vibrant and full of life retreat into a metaphorical “stone” state is heart-wrenching. The feeling of helplessness, the yearning to reconnect with the lost soul, forms the crux of the song.

In the broader context of Obituary’s body of work, “Turned to Stone” fits seamlessly with their penchant for diving deep into human emotions, especially the darker, less-talked-about ones. As with many of their tracks, they manage to express these sentiments with a poetic eloquence that both soothes and haunts the listener.

The essence of the song reminds us that even in the face of profound change, there remains a glimmer of hope – a yearning for understanding and reconnection. In doing so, Obituary provides solace and ignites a conversation about the often taboo subject of mental and emotional struggles.