Ozzy Osbourne – “Bark at the Moon” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Bark at the Moon” is a thrilling tale of vengeance and the supernatural. Ozzy channels the spirit of a creature returning from the grave to settle old scores. It’s a masterpiece that dives into themes of resurrection, darkness, and the fight against oppression. With a touch of the macabre and loads of rock energy, Ozzy surely delivered a hit that still resonates today.

Looking for a moonlit journey through one of rock’s anthems? Follow along as we break down the essence of Ozzy’s songwriting prowess.

“Bark at the Moon” Lyrics Meaning

“Screams break the silence”, right from the start, the atmosphere is charged. The once quiet realm is now rife with anticipation, suggesting the arrival of something dark and unexpected. “Vengence is boiling”, it’s clear that we’re not just diving into a spooky tale. We’re in the heart of a story where someone, or something, is on a quest for justice.

“Bark at the moon”, this line is the essence. It’s not just a mere howl, but a powerful declaration, a bold challenge under the moonlit sky. “Years spent in torment / Buried in a nameless grave”, the main character has faced significant anguish. Beyond physical suffering, there’s the agony of erasure, of being lost to history.

“They cursed and buried him along with shame”. This isn’t just about fear, it’s about societal judgment. It speaks of a being mistreated, misjudged, and discarded. “Howling in shadows / Living in a lunar spell”, with the moon as a central theme, often symbolic of change, our protagonist seems to thrive in its cycles, drawing power and direction.

“He finds his heaven / Spewing from the mouth of hell” – The duality of heaven and hell, good and evil, is laid bare here, indicating that sometimes, salvation can emerge from the darkest places.

The Story Behind “Bark at the Moon”

Released in 1983, “Bark at the Moon” was a significant chapter in Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career. This track was the title song of the album, marking Ozzy’s first project without his iconic guitarist, Randy Rhoads, who tragically passed away a year before. The weight of this loss can be felt in the song’s raw intensity.

Ozzy’s inspiration for “Bark at the Moon” draws from a blend of horror tales and personal experiences. The lyrical themes echo gothic stories and old werewolf folklore, where a misunderstood and mistreated creature returns from the dead seeking revenge. This could be seen as Ozzy’s response to the critics and naysayers who doubted his capacity to succeed after the passing of Randy. The beast in the song, fueled by vengeance and continuously challenging the moon, could be paralleled with Ozzy’s own resilience, staring down adversity.

Furthermore, the song might also represent Ozzy’s personal battles. Known for his wild rock-n-roll lifestyle, Ozzy had faced numerous challenges, from substance abuse to controversies that painted him as an industry “beast.” The song can be interpreted as his way of embracing this persona, barking back at those who misunderstood or demonized him.

In essence, “Bark at the Moon” is more than just a rock anthem; it’s a piece of Ozzy’s soul, reflecting his defiant stance against adversity and his determination to rise, regardless of odds.