Sam Smith – “Fire on Fire” Lyrics Meaning

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Sam Smith’s “Fire on Fire” is an ode to a love so intense it defies all logic and judgment. The song explores the kind of love that’s so overpowering it might be considered “dangerous” by some. Sam Smith sings about how, despite societal judgments and even internal fears, the love they share with their partner is “fire on fire” too potent to be extinguished.

The song seems to suggest that some relationships are so extraordinary that they’re worth fighting for, no matter the obstacles.

Ready to discover the lyrical brilliance behind “Fire on Fire”? Come along.

“Fire on Fire” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with the lines, “My mother said I’m too romantic”. Here, we see that Sam Smith has always had an idealistic view of love, which even their mom warned could be a pitfall. But then, they meet someone who validates this romanticism. It’s a meeting that changes how they view love, themselves, and life. They attribute this change to either maturity, life experience, or the incredible chemistry they share with this person.

The chorus is a fascinating interplay of contrasts. “Fire on fire would normally kill us” sings Sam Smith, underlining that their love is intense and could potentially be destructive. Yet it’s this very intensity, “this much desire” that makes them winners. It’s almost as if the challenges that would usually break a relationship become the building blocks of theirs.

The line, “They say that we’re out of control and some say we’re sinners,” speaks volumes. Here, we get a glimpse of external judgments and societal norms they’re up against. However, Smith urges, “don’t let them ruin our beautiful rhythms” reinforcing the idea that what they have is too beautiful to be tarnished by societal perceptions.

“When we fight, we fight like lions,” brings an animalistic ferocity into the equation. The song admits that the relationship isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. There are struggles, but they are met with equal passion and love, making them worth it.

And finally, the lines “You are perfection, my only direction,” encapsulate the essence of the song. In this love, Sam Smith finds direction and purpose, painting their partner as the ideal they’ve always dreamed of.

The Story Behind “Fire on Fire”

When Sam Smith wrote “Fire on Fire”, they were going through a transformation, both personally and artistically. It was a time when Smith was exploring themes of love, intimacy, and self-acceptance. Released as part of the soundtrack for the adaptation of “Watership Down” the song offers a universal portrayal of intense love, yet it’s deeply personal to Smith’s own experiences.

The singer had previously opened up about their struggles with gender identity and self-love, and this song appears to be a reflection of the artist finding love that accepts and celebrates them for who they are. It can be seen as a milestone in Smith’s ongoing journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

“Fire on Fire” came after Smith’s second album “The Thrill of It All”, a record that grappled with heartbreak and solitude. The new song showcases a more optimistic, even defiant, perspective on love. It takes the narrative of struggling with societal norms and turns it into a celebration of a love so extraordinary that it’s worth defying the world for.

So, when you listen to “Fire on Fire,” you’re hearing an artist who is not just singing about love, but also making a bold statement about the complexities of modern relationships. It’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt that what they have is so unique, it’s worth fighting the world to keep it alive.