Solange – “Cranes in the Sky” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Cranes in the Sky” by Solange is a soulful song exploring pain, escapism, and self-discovery. It describes the artist’s attempts to deal with emotional pain through various means, only to find that the pain is persistent, like “cranes in the sky.” The song poetically portrays the universal quest to find peace amidst inner turmoil and expresses Solange’s personal journey and reflection on life and self.

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“Cranes in the Sky” Lyrics Meaning

Solange opens the song with a sequence of actions that illustrate her attempts to escape her pain: drinking, dancing, and even changing her hair. These acts signify the various ways people try to evade their internal struggles, highlighting the transient nature of such relief.

The lyric “I ran my credit card bill up / Thought a new dress make it better,” portrays the pursuit of materialistic pleasures as a form of solace, a temporary facade covering the underlying pain. Solange’s repeated efforts, “I tried to work it away / But that just made me even sadder,” underscore the futility of avoidance and the inevitable confrontation with one’s emotions.

The metaphor, “it’s like cranes in the sky / Sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds,” encapsulates the essence of the song. The cranes symbolize the constant, looming presence of her struggles, the “metal clouds” that she can’t seem to shake off. The heaviness and permanence of the metal depict the enduring nature of her pain, illustrating the inevitability of facing one’s emotions.

Solange’s journey through “70 states” and attempts to “let go my lover” indicate the pursuit of clarity and recovery by changing external circumstances. However, the recurring theme of trying to push the pain “away” resonates throughout, highlighting the persistent and ubiquitous nature of inner turmoil.

The Story Behind “Cranes in the Sky”

Solange’s creation of “Cranes in the Sky” came from a place of deep introspection and self-reflection, a poignant exploration of her emotional landscape. The lyrics reveal a transparent journey through Solange’s own struggles, her attempts to navigate her feelings, and the realization of the unavoidable nature of internal conflict.

The song was released in 2016 as part of the album “A Seat at the Table,” a critically acclaimed project known for its exploration of identity, empowerment, grief, and resilience. During this period, Solange was grappling with her identity and her place in the world, seeking to understand and express her experiences, thoughts, and emotions authentically.

“Cranes in the Sky” stands out as a universal narrative, reaching beyond Solange’s personal story to resonate with anyone who has ever attempted to escape their pain. It serves as a reminder of the common human experience of struggle and the enduring quest for peace and self-understanding.

Solange’s honest and soulful portrayal of her journey provides listeners with a comforting sense of companionship in their struggles, offering a soothing balm of shared experience and mutual understanding. The song is not just a musical piece; it is a piece of Solange’s soul, shared openly with the world, inviting listeners to reflect, relate, and find solace in their journey.