Tommy James and the Shondells – “Crystal Blue Persuasion” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is not your typical 60s tune. It carries a profound message of change, peace, and brotherhood, creating an aura of positivity and optimism. Drawing inspiration from the Bible and his personal life experiences, Tommy James crafts an allegorical tale of a dawning new era, filled with love and understanding.

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” symbolizes this wave of change and the pureness of spirit, while “the light” signifies spiritual enlightenment. The song calls for listeners to open their minds, tap into their souls, and embrace this new vibration. It embodies an optimistic vision of the future, where the world lives in peace and brotherhood. So it’s not just a song, it’s an anthem for hope and unity.

Find the song intriguing? Continue reading, as we unravel the lyrics, the underlying message, and the captivating story behind the composition of “Crystal Blue Persuasion”.

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” Lyrics Meaning

Diving deeper into the lyrics, the song starts with “Look over yonder/What do you see?/The sun is a-rising/Most definitely”. This sets a tone of anticipation and hope for what’s about to unfold, metaphorically representing the onset of a new era or a significant transformation.

“A new day is coming (ooh, ooh)/People are changing/Ain’t it beautiful? (Ooh, ooh)/Crystal blue persuasion”. Here, the “new day” refers to a spiritual awakening that will bring about positive changes in people. “Crystal blue persuasion” suggests the peaceful and gentle influence this new perspective will exert, depicted as a beautiful, clear, blue wave of transformation.

“Better get ready to see the light/Love, love is the answer (ooh, ooh)/And that’s all right/So don’t you give up now (ooh, ooh)”. This section promotes the idea of perseverance and embracing love as the solution to our problems. Seeing “the light” symbolizes gaining wisdom or understanding, encouraging listeners to seek and welcome enlightenment.

“Just look to your soul (your soul)/And open your mind/Crystal blue persuasion, hmm, hmm/It’s a new vibration/Crystal blue persuasion/Crystal/Blue persuasion”. The songstress urges us to delve deep within our souls and open our minds to welcome this “new vibration” – a metaphorical term signifying the ushering in of an era of spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

The lyrics close with a hopeful outlook of the future: “Maybe tomorrow/When he looks down/On every green field (ooh, ooh)/And every town/All of his children/And every nation/There’ll be peace and good brotherhood/Crystal blue persuasion, yeah”. It envisions a world where peace and brotherhood prevail, underscored by the calming influence of “crystal blue persuasion”.

Overall, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is a lyrical masterpiece that subtly imparts a profound message through its catchy tunes and vivid imagery.

The Story Behind “Crystal Blue Persuasion”

Tommy James, in various interviews, revealed that he drew inspiration from the Biblical book of Revelation, particularly the references to the sea of glass and crystal.

The Biblical influences, mixed with the changing times of the late 60s, played a significant role in the composition of “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” This was a period marked by socio-political unrest, heightened by the Vietnam War and civil rights movement. Amid such turbulence, the idea of a peaceful transformation taking hold, as depicted in the song, resonated with many listeners.

Tommy James has shared that the song was written during a particularly introspective period in his life. Along with bandmate Mike Vale, he was exploring spirituality, dipping his toes into transcendental meditation, and studying religious texts. This exploration is apparent in the lyrics, which present a clear, tranquil, and vibrant visual of change, evoking a sense of peaceful transition and hope.

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” stands as a testament to Tommy James’ talent as a songwriter, able to craft an anthem for change while also reflecting his personal spiritual journey. His state of mind during this period was one of discovery, introspection, and transformation. The song remains a shining example of how music can inspire, bring people together, and spread a powerful message.

In conclusion, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is not merely a song. It’s a spiritual journey told in captivating lyrics that resonate with listeners on a deeper level. It embodies the dream of a peaceful world united in brotherhood, and gently nudges listeners towards a path of love, understanding, and spiritual enlightenment. As Tommy James and the Shondells remind us, it’s a beautiful vision worth striving for.