Soul Coughing – “Super Bon Bon” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Super Bon Bon” by Soul Coughing centers around a yearning for personal space and the need for assertion. It’s a playful look at moving past obstacles, likely inspired by experiences in crowded city life. The song’s title and repetitive chorus may hint at the fleeting nature of satisfaction, with the “Super Bon Bon” acting as a symbol of momentary pleasure. The message? Stand up, be seen, and make your way despite the chaos.

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“Super Bon Bon” Lyrics Meaning

Diving straight in, the lines:

“Move aside, and let the man go through. Let the man go through,” bring out a straightforward call for space, a way to move forward. It’s as if the singer is navigating through a packed subway or bustling street, asking for some room.

“If I stole somebody else’s wave to fly up.” This might suggest taking someone else’s momentum or energy to propel oneself forward. Sometimes, we need a little push or inspiration from external sources to get where we’re going.

“If I rose up with the avenue behind me.” The avenue rising behind paints a picture of a cityscape, further emphasizing urban life. The singer is part of this environment, yet he wants to stand out and rise above it.

“Some kind of verb. Some kind of moving thing. Something unseen. Some hand is motioning to rise, to rise, to rise.” This segment touches on the urge to move, to act—to do something even if the specifics aren’t clear. It’s a yearning, a drive that’s pushing the singer. It might be ambition, a passion, or the will to break free.

“Too fat, fat you must cut lean. You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine”. In these lines, “cutting lean” might suggest refining oneself, eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on the essential. The elevator to the mezzanine? A shortcut to getting ahead, or maybe just skipping a few steps for a breather.

“Super bon bon” might represent a fleeting treat or momentary pleasure in the chaos of it all. It’s the small joys or rewards that one gets despite the hurdles.

“And by the phone I live in fear, sheer chance will draw you in to here.” The climax of personal vulnerability. Amidst the urban hustle, there’s a fear, an anxiety. It could be the fear of missing out, or maybe it’s about connecting with someone special in the vast sea of people.

The Story Behind “Super Bon Bon”

Soul Coughing, particularly its lead Mike Doughty, was well-acquainted with the New York City vibes. This song likely mirrors experiences in such a hectic environment. Songs from this period often tapped into the essence of urban experiences, capturing both the excitement and the stress.

At this juncture in Doughty’s life, he might’ve been feeling the weight of the band’s increasing popularity, which can bring both exhilaration and pressure. In all its quirky glory, the song reflects a mind navigating both the external world of crowded streets and the internal world of personal ambitions, desires, and anxieties.