Spacehog – “In the Meantime” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Spacehog’s “In the Meantime” invites listeners into a cosmic journey exploring love and human connection. The song conveys a message of unity and love towards every individual, highlighting a shared existence “where lands are green and skies are blue.” It’s a celestial celebration of love and hope, emphasizing the potential divine moments that are yet to come in one’s life. The “meantime” signifies the present moment and interim periods of life, urging listeners to find joy and connection in the now, as we collectively wait to realize divine moments.

Ever wondered about the celestial undertones and profound messages encapsulated in Spacehog’s “In the Meantime”? Journey with us as we explore the rich tapestry of love, unity, and existential reflections woven into this iconic track!

“In the Meantime” Lyrics Meaning

“In the Meantime” takes us on an interstellar ride through universal love and existential contemplation. The song opens with ethereal “Woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh” sounds, creating a cosmic ambiance that sets the stage for the exploration of higher dimensions of existence. The lyrics, “And in the end, we shall achieve in time / The thing they called divine,” signify the human quest for divinity and the belief in achieving a celestial state of being where the stars themselves will smile upon us.

The repeating mantra, “We love the all, the all of you / Where lands are green and skies are blue / When all in all, we’re just like you / We love the all of you,” reinforces the song’s core theme of universal love and connection. The lyrics depict a harmonious existence where love encompasses all, highlighting the shared human experience and mutual reflections of existence.

The intriguing line, “And when I cry for me, I cry for you / With tears of holy joy,” divulges a profound interconnectedness between individual and collective emotions, implying that one’s joy and sorrow are intertwined with the collective human experience. Acknowledging the days yet to come and the potential flight “toward the sun” signify hope and aspirations for a future filled with love and divine encounters.

The casual remark, “That sounds fine, so I’ll see ya sometime / Give my love to the future of the humankind,” is tinged with an optimistic acknowledgment of the human journey, extending love to the future generations while acknowledging the imperfections of the present, “Okay, okay, it’s not okay.”

The Story Behind “In the Meantime”

When dissecting the layers behind “In the Meantime,” it’s pivotal to appreciate the blend of existential musings and celestial aspirations that shaped the creation of this song. The band, Spacehog, with their characteristic fusion of glam rock and alternative nuances, likely aimed to construct a narrative that speaks to the quintessential human experiences of love, hope, and connection, while reflecting upon the transient nature of existence.

The creation of this song seems to mirror a contemplative state of mind, exploring the human condition and its myriad emotions and experiences. The conceptual essence of the song resonates with themes of unity and collective existence, suggesting a deep reflection on the interconnectedness of humankind and the universe.

The vivid imagery and cosmic ambiance created in “In the Meantime” serve as metaphors for the boundless possibilities of love and the ongoing quest for divine moments in the human journey. The narrative created by Spacehog invites listeners to reflect on their existence, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the present moments and a hopeful outlook on the future, all while embracing the beauty and love inherent in the shared human experience.