Spiritbox – “Blessed Be” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Blessed Be” by Spiritbox delves into the intricate dance of emotions and reliance on external crutches. The song tackles vulnerability, chemical dependencies, and the quest for connection. Courtney LaPlante, the frontwoman, might have drawn from personal experiences to craft this piece.

Ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of Spiritbox’s haunting track “Blessed Be”? Brace yourself for a lyrical journey that uncovers hidden emotions wrapped in the enigmatic cloak of love, from vulnerability to courage.

“Blessed Be” Lyrics Meaning

Right from the start, the song hits us with an emotional punch. It’s like the act of counting blessings is a heartfelt dedication to someone cherished, yet there’s an underlying sense of fading away and inner turmoil. The lyrics create a vivid picture of a struggle to maintain a fragile connection, often relying on the metaphor of “serotonin like a loaded gun” for a boost of courage. This tug-of-war between dependency and insecurity sets the stage for a poignant exploration of the intricate dance of love’s complexities.

A powerful shift happens as the lyrics touch on a willingness to lose oneself for love’s sake. “Blessed be, I could survive in these chemicals for you” paints a picture of sacrifice, while the notion of being a “lonely fool above” hints at the isolating nature of such sacrifices.

Furthermore, the concept of willingly blinding oneself for the sake of connection emerges: “Plucks out the eyes just to listen in frequency.” It’s as if the act of intentionally blinding oneself to reality becomes a crutch to bear the weight of the challenges love presents.

The Story Behind “Blessed Be”

The genesis of “Blessed Be” lies in the crucible of deeply personal struggle. The lyrics reverberate with the emotions of someone navigating the precarious crossroads of love, dependency, and nagging insecurity. This insight paints a vivid backdrop to the song’s emotional landscape, suggesting that the songwriter might have been engulfed in a particularly challenging emotional state while etching these soul-stirring lines.

The vulnerability laid bare in the lyrics perhaps mirrors the songwriter’s own intimate experiences or astute observations of love’s intricate mechanisms. “Blessed Be” emerges as an ode to unfiltered emotions, encapsulating the undulating crests and troughs that come with profound love. It stands as a testament to the sacrifices willingly undertaken to stoke the flames of these emotions, even when they threaten to engulf us whole.

In “Blessed Be,” Spiritbox grants voice to the intricate complexities of love, extending an invitation to listeners to plunge into the depths of these emotions and perhaps find a sense of shared human experience. The song’s composition seems to channel the writer’s emotional state at that time, allowing us to glimpse their inner landscape. Whether it was an introspective journey or an observation of the tumultuous nature of human relationships, the song resonates on a deeply personal level. As listeners, we’re offered a poignant glimpse into the songwriter’s soul, leaving us with a stirring reminder of the transformative power of music and its ability to mirror the multifaceted journey of the human heart.