Surf Curse – “Freaks” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

Surf Curse’s “Freaks” gives voice to feelings of alienation and a longing for escape. It’s a gut-wrenching narrative about being an outsider, grappling with personal demons and yearning for acceptance. The songwriter has taken an introspective route, speaking to anyone who’s ever felt like a ‘freak’. It’s not precisely about one person, rather it addresses the collective sentiment of those ostracized. Written from a place of desperation, it resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever felt alienated or misunderstood.

Just a little sneak peek: we’re about to dive into an exploration of the lyrics, line by line, and the emotional voyage the songwriter went through. Ready? Stick around.

“Freaks” Lyrics Meaning

The opening line, “Don’t kill me just help me run away,” serves as a desperate plea. It’s the cry of someone overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, seeking escape rather than confrontation. The lyric, “From everyone I need a place to stay, Where I can cover up my face” reinforces this theme of escape. It suggests the feeling of alienation from the rest of society and the desire to hide one’s true identity.

Next, the chorus of “I am just a freak” emphasizes self-identification as an outsider. It is a sad acceptance of being labeled by society. It’s not an endorsement of the label, but an admission of being seen as different, and an urge to express that raw feeling of not fitting in.

As the song progresses, we reach, “My head is filled with parasites, Black holes cover up my eyes.” This can be interpreted as a struggle with internal issues, possibly mental health issues. The metaphorical parasites and black holes could refer to negative thoughts and feelings that consume one’s mental space, blacking out any positive outlook.

The final lines, “I dream of you almost every night, Hopefully I won’t wake up this time,” are a mix of hope and despair. Dreaming of someone could imply a desire for connection or companionship, an antidote to the isolation they feel. The wish not to wake up is not necessarily a death wish but more of a wish to remain in a state of dream where they feel connected and accepted.

“Freaks” is a song about introspection, struggle, and ultimately, acceptance. It’s a desperate cry that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt alienated. It’s a powerful exploration of what it feels like to be an outsider.

The Story Behind “Freaks”

Getting a deeper understanding of the narrative of “Freaks” means acknowledging the emotional state the songwriter was in when crafting these poignant lines. The song seems to have been borne out of a place of deep emotional turmoil, grappling with the harsh realities of feeling like an outsider.

The songwriter appears to have been dealing with feelings of estrangement and a sense of alienation, which have been expressed as the desire to ‘run away’ and ‘cover up my face.’ These feelings of alienation and not fitting into societal norms are something many people can identify with, making this song deeply resonant.

The lyrics also suggest a struggle with mental health issues, possibly depression or anxiety, as indicated by the lines “My head is filled with parasites, Black holes cover up my eyes.” These metaphors for negative thoughts and feelings taking over one’s mental space are both powerful and deeply relatable. The songwriter’s honesty and vulnerability about these feelings make the song even more impactful.

The songwriter’s longing for connection, as suggested by the lines “I dream of you almost every night, Hopefully I won’t wake up this time,” further highlights the deep sense of loneliness and longing that lies beneath the lyrics. It is likely that this song was written at a time when the songwriter was yearning for companionship or understanding, making this an even more deeply personal and heartfelt piece.

In conclusion, “Freaks” by Surf Curse is a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. The lyrics are both a personal testament and a universal narrative about alienation, longing, and the human desire for acceptance and understanding. The raw and honest emotion behind the song makes it a powerful piece that is both comforting and relatable for listeners who have had similar experiences.