SURL – “Firework” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Firework” by SURL is a vivacious and playful song that captures the thrilling, tingling sensation of falling in love. The lyrics convey the intense emotions and the euphoria associated with new love, likening it to the bursting of fireworks. The songwriter wants to convey the beauty, excitement, and all-consuming nature of these feelings through vibrant and energetic imagery. The song is not about a specific person, but rather the universal experience of being captivated by someone’s charm and finding joy in their presence. It’s as if the songwriter is painting a picture of love’s ability to make everything feel alive, vibrant, and bursting with excitement. The song was written to encapsulate these emotions and share the experience of love’s fireworks with listeners.

Have you ever felt that buzz when you’re head over heels for someone? “Firework” by SURL captures that electric feeling perfectly. Get ready to relive those heart-fluttering moments as we unravel the lyrics together.

“Firework” Lyrics Meaning

“Hm, your eyes stare at me dangerously” immediately throws us into a whirlwind of attraction and excitement. The word “dangerously” hints at this emotion’s overwhelming and consuming nature. The repeated phrase “this can’t happen” captures the disbelief one might feel when struck by such intense feelings.

“I feel like a cloud” and “flutter over the sky” paint a picture of lightness and euphoria, as if being in love lifts you off your feet. The connection to fireworks is made clear with “Bang-bang, it’s gonna pop, fireworks,” likening the feeling of love to the breathtaking moment of fireworks exploding in the sky.

The chorus is a chaotic and joyful explosion of emotion, repeating “love you” seven times, emphasizing the intensity and repetitiveness of these feelings.

The verse “The infinite breath becomes an irregular rhythm” could symbolize the physical effects of being in love, like a racing heart. “Dynamics’ crescendo ‘getting stronger’” and “Raise the beautiful harmony octave” use musical terminology to describe how love amplifies everything, making life feel more vibrant and intense.

The playful lines “I’ve been studying, but why are you being unreasonable? If I had a subject like you, I’d stay up all night studying, all day” use the metaphor of studying to describe the desire to understand and be close to the person they are in love with.

The song concludes with a repetition of the chorus, ending the song on a high note, much like the grand finale of a fireworks show.

The Story Behind “Firework”

“Firework” was written by SURL, a South Korean band known for their captivating and emotion-driven music. At the time of writing this song, the band explored themes of love and attraction, aiming to create a song that encapsulates these emotions’ overwhelming and all-consuming nature.

The writers were inspired by the universal experience of falling in love, wanting to create a song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt their heart race and their world light up because of someone else. They chose the imagery of fireworks to represent the beauty, excitement, and intensity of these feelings, creating a song that is both vivid and relatable.

The playful and vibrant lyrics reflect the band’s own experiences and observations of love, resulting in a song that is both personal and universal. “Firework” serves as a reminder of the joy and exhilaration that love can bring, capturing the magic of those moments when your heart feels like it’s bursting with happiness.