The Rah Band – “Messages from the Stars” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“Messages from the Stars” by The Rah Band is a delightful cosmic love song. The song’s narrator describes receiving ethereal signals while in intimate moments with their lover, suggesting a celestial origin of their partner. The meaning behind the song appears to be about finding love so profound and transformative, it feels otherworldly.

The lyrics convey a sense of rescue and salvation brought about by this love. The songwriter presents a poignant exploration of connection, not just with another person but with the universe itself, through the language of love.

Step into a lyrical journey of love that transcends dimensions, where romance meets the cosmos. Discover how profound connections can feel like messages from the stars.

“Messages from the Stars” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with an open-ended communication – “Hello, Do you read me?” – establishing a connection, akin to a spacecraft reaching out to earth. This cleverly sets up the premise of love as a cosmic journey. The phrase “I get messages from the stars when you’re making love to me” is reiterated throughout the song, framing these intimate moments as something celestial and monumental. It suggests that their connection with their lover is so deep that it feels interstellar.

The lines “When I’m out there all alone / And feeling far from home / I’m fading into blue / And there’s nothing I can do” depict a state of desolation. This melancholy contrasts sharply with the elation expressed in the “messages from the stars.” It emphasizes the transformative impact of the lover’s presence – like a beacon of light rescuing the narrator from loneliness.

“Then out on the sky like a flash / Sending me high, high, high / You rescue me / You saved me from a certain tragedy” – this section not only reaffirms the rescuing, salvational role of the lover, but also implies an element of surprise, spontaneity, and even divinity associated with this love.

As the song progresses, the phrase “Listen! Listen to the stars!” gives an urgent call to others to understand this interstellar language of love. The whole song is layered with metaphors and imagery suggesting a love story that transcends the earthly plane, elevating it to a cosmic experience, a ‘message from the stars.’ The listener is left with the notion of love as a guiding force in times of darkness, a savior, and ultimately, a deep connection with the universe itself.

The Story Behind “Messages from the Stars”

When interpreting the song’s inspiration, it’s crucial to note that The Rah Band was a product of the late ’70s and early ’80s, a time when interest in outer space was at its peak, fuelled by a combination of Star Wars’ cinematic success and actual scientific milestones such as Voyager missions. This zeitgeist may have been instrumental in framing the song’s space-themed narrative.

Richard Anthony Hewson, the man behind The Rah Band, has always been known for his creativity and his ability to evoke vivid scenarios through his lyrics. While there is no official statement detailing the specific reason for writing “Messages from the Stars,” it is plausible that he was inspired by the concept of extraterrestrial love or the feeling of finding a love so extraordinary that it feels unearthly.

As you delve deeper into this song’s lyrics, you can’t help but get swept up in the interstellar romance narrative, a testament to the power of Hewson’s lyricism. The songwriter’s state of mind during this period appears to be one of exploration and whimsy, skillfully weaving the common human experience of love into a grand cosmic adventure.