Van Morrison – “And It Stoned Me” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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Picture this: Half a mile from the county fair, the rain is pouring down, and two friends, Van Morrison and Billy, stand there with nothing but a silver half-crown and fishing gear. What’s this song all about? It’s about a simple, beautiful moment in life when nature surprises you, and it feels like a little miracle.

The song’s meaning is all about the joy of experiencing life’s small, unexpected pleasures. Van Morrison is telling us that sometimes, it’s the most uncomplicated things, like getting caught in the rain or sharing a song with a friend, that can truly “stone” or amaze you. The songwriter wants us to appreciate these moments and not take them for granted.

Ever been caught in the rain and felt that sudden, unexpected joy? Van Morrison’s “And It Stoned Me” is like a musical version of that feeling. Dive into the lyrics to uncover the magic!

“And It Stoned Me” Lyrics Meaning

“Half a mile from the county fair” – The song begins with a specific location, setting the scene for a nostalgic journey. County fairs often represent a simple and joyful aspect of rural life.

“The rain came pourin’ down” – The rain is a central element in the song, symbolizing the unpredictability of life. It can be seen as a metaphor for life’s unexpected events, both good and bad.

“Me and Billy standin’ there with a silver half a crown” – Van Morrison and Billy, presumably childhood friends, are together in this moment. The silver half a crown may symbolize their limited resources, yet they are content with what they have.

“Hands are full of a fishin’ rod and the tackle on our backs” – They are equipped for a fishing adventure, highlighting their love for the simple pleasures of life.

“We just stood there gettin’ wet with our backs against the fence” – This line emphasizes their willingness to embrace the rain, even if it means getting wet. It reflects the idea of surrendering to the moment and finding joy in unexpected circumstances.

“Oh, the water” – The repetition of this line underscores the significance of water in this experience. It’s not just rainwater; it’s a symbol of purity, renewal, and life’s blessings.

“Oh, the water, oh, the water, oh, the water, hope it don’t rain all day” – This sequence of lines expresses a mix of wonder and hope. They are mesmerized by the rain but also hope it doesn’t last forever, acknowledging the impermanence of moments.

“And it stoned me to my soul, stoned me just like Jelly Roll, and it stoned me” – This chorus is the song’s emotional core. “Stoned me to my soul” suggests a deep, spiritual experience. “Jelly Roll” is a reference to Jelly Roll Morton, a jazz musician known for his lively and soulful performances. The comparison implies that the rain’s impact on the singer’s soul is as profound as the joy of listening to great music.

The rain lets up, and they hitch a ride with a friendly driver, highlighting their openness to new experiences. They sing a song and meet a man who shares water from a mountain stream. This encounter symbolizes the generosity and kindness of strangers.

The Story Behind “And It Stoned Me”

Van Morrison wrote this song to capture a beautiful memory from his childhood. It reflects his youthful innocence and the joy he found in the little things. At that time, he was in a carefree state of mind, open to the world’s wonders. The song is a testament to his belief that life’s simple pleasures are the ones that truly matter.

In a world where we often chase big thrills, “And It Stoned Me” reminds us to appreciate life’s small, unexpected moments. It’s a reminder to find joy in the rain, in the sunshine, and in the company of friends, just like Van Morrison did on that memorable day at the county fair. Overall, it’s a song about finding wonder and joy in the ordinary moments of life.