Machine Gun Kelly – “​Emo girl” Lyrics Meaning

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Machine Gun Kelly’s “Emo girl” revolves around the singer’s attraction to a distinctive, emo-styled girl. With lyrics referencing her unique style – from the makeup and fishnet stockings to her musical taste and piercings – there’s a fascination with her raw, edgy authenticity. MGK captures the appeal of someone who’s unabashedly themselves, even if it means being a little damaged. This emo girl represents a counter-culture spirit, someone unapologetic about her identity. And while the singer recognizes the potential pitfalls of this intense attraction, the allure remains undeniable.

Interested in diving deeper into the layers of this song? Keep reading to uncover the essence of this modern love anthem.

“Emo girl” Lyrics Meaning

Delving into the lyrics, it’s clear that the emo girl depicted is more than just a mere visual attraction. “Makeup by the mirror in her bedroom” and “Nose pierced with the cigarette perfume” are not just descriptors; they provide a glimpse into her world, giving us a sense of who she is and where she comes from. This girl’s allure isn’t just skin deep – it’s about her whole aura, from her style choices to her musical preferences.

The line, “She knows all the words to the trap songs,” hints at her depth, suggesting she’s multidimensional and not restricted by genre or any specific subculture. This is juxtaposed with “And when we drive in the car and I say, ‘Who is this band?’ She says, ‘You won’t understand, it’s some next shit.'” It shows the intriguing, mysterious side of her that MGK is drawn to.

The chorus, with its repetitive proclamation, “I fell in love with an emo girl,” emphasizes the intoxicating nature of this attraction. It’s an anthem of admiration for someone who stands out, who’s different from the rest.

“Choke-choke-choker on her neck, kiss me. Holy fuck, I’m bleeding on your Blink tee” alludes to the intense and possibly tumultuous nature of their relationship. It’s passionate, raw, and at times, a bit chaotic – much like the emo subculture itself. The line, “Baby girl, that makes two of us,” hints at MGK’s acknowledgment of their shared emotional vulnerabilities.

The Story Behind “Emo girl”

Machine Gun Kelly, often known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, has always been open about his influences and experiences. The story behind “Emo girl” is no exception. While there isn’t a specific interview or source where MGK explicitly shares the exact inspiration for this track, understanding his background and style choices can provide some clarity.

Growing up, MGK was influenced by various genres, including hip-hop, punk, and emo music. His blend of rap and rock has been a staple of his career, resonating with fans who also traverse between these worlds. “Emo girl” can be seen as a tribute to this cross-genre appreciation, and it could very well be a nod to the emo culture that influenced him during his formative years.

Additionally, the emo culture has often been associated with deep emotions, feelings of alienation, and a sense of not quite fitting in. MGK, in various stages of his life and career, has expressed similar sentiments. This song could represent an era of his life where he felt a deep connection to someone who epitomized these feelings.

Perhaps the most touching part of this track is how it emphasizes the beauty in being genuine, no matter how unconventional. MGK has faced his fair share of criticisms and challenges, but through it all, he’s remained true to himself.