Hozier – “To Be Alone” Lyrics Meaning

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Written By Joanna Landrum

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“To Be Alone” by Hozier is an intense exploration of intimacy and vulnerability. It’s about seeking solace in another amidst a world that often feels harsh and alienating. With themes of escapism and the transformative power of love, Hozier touches upon the dual nature of closeness — how it can both heal and hurt. The song seemingly details a relationship where being with the other person offers a brief escape from personal demons and societal judgments.

Captivated? Continue on to discover the deep-rooted sentiments behind Hozier’s haunting lyrics and the stories that might’ve inspired them.

“To Be Alone” Lyrics Meaning

Hozier opens with feelings of discomfort in crowds, especially when surrounded by loud endorsements of rape culture. It’s an immediate confrontation with the darker aspects of society, suggesting a need for escape or sanctuary.

“All I’ve ever done is hide From our times When you’re near me”. This beautifully captures the idea of seeking refuge in a loved one, away from the noise of the world. But it’s not just solace he finds in this person; he also finds a sense of self-worth, as mentioned in the line, “I feel like a person for a moment of my life.”

The chorus, with references to “the skin that crawls from you” and “the god that heroin prays to”, paints a picture of both physical intimacy and the addictive nature of the relationship. These lines emphasize the highs of being in love, akin to the highs of substance abuse, but also touch upon the lows, hinting at the pain and struggles that come with such intense feelings.

“There are questions I can’t ask. Now at last; The worst is over”. Here, Hozier might be reflecting on past traumas or shared experiences with his partner, suggesting they’ve been through challenging times together. Yet, the optimism is palpable; there’s hope that the worst is behind them.

The lines, “Honey, we should run away Oh someday Our baby and her momma And the damaged love she make” touch upon future aspirations and the idea of creating a family. However, there’s also a nod to potential inherited trauma, suggesting the cycle of pain might continue.

The recurring line “Oh to be alone with you” embodies the song’s central theme. It’s a longing for seclusion, a place where the outside world’s judgments and internal self-doubts can be forgotten, even for a moment.

The Story Behind “To Be Alone”

Born Andrew Hozier-Byrne, Hozier is known for his deep introspective lyrics and a knack for addressing societal issues. When he penned down “To Be Alone”, there’s an evident exploration of his sentiments towards society and intimate relationships.

Many speculate that the song reflects his personal experiences with love, vulnerability, and the yearning for an escape. Hozier’s exposure to various societal norms and judgments, growing up in Ireland with its rich cultural and religious backdrop, might have influenced the song’s themes.

Furthermore, Hozier’s profound understanding of human nature and his empathetic approach toward songwriting can be seen in his portrayal of a relationship that serves as a sanctuary. In many ways, the song might represent the idea that love, with all its complexities, is a reprieve from the trials of life.

While Hozier has been somewhat private about the direct inspirations behind his songs, it’s evident that “To Be Alone” stands as a reflection of the collective human experience — the highs and lows of love, the struggles with self-worth, and the yearning for a place free from societal judgments.